Marvel’s Russo Bros. Just Shared the Weirdest Avengers AI Art (Photos)

By Jennifer McDonough Updated:
Avengers Wes Anderson

Joe and Anthony Russo’s official Instagram account has posted some interesting AI-generated art which depicts the Avengers in a decidedly new situation.

The Russo Brothers, Joe and Anthony, have stepped away from Marvel for the time being, after turning in four of their most popular and successful films for the studio in quick succession.

Now, they’ve moved onto other projects, such as Netflix’s The Gray Man. And apparently, they’ve taken time out of their presumably uber-busy schedule to develop a fascination with AI art.

Artificial Intelligence-generated artwork has become all the rage on the internet at large lately. Users input a prompt and the AI uses powerful algorithms and preexisting graphics to compose results that are at times comically inaccurate and others, eerily spot-on, one of which caught the Russos' eyes recently.

Russos Share Wes Anderson’s Avengers

The official Instagram profile for The Russo Brothers added an intriguing new post. Shared from user @digiguru who writes on his profile that he uses the AI known as Midjourney, the images in question roughly depict what an Avengers movie would look like if it was directed by autuer filmmaker Wes Anderson in 1980.

The Russos captioned thier post with the following: “Holy shit. Where can we watch this…”

A stone-faced, mutton-chopped Captain America stands with his equally stern-looking superheroic colleagues in what looks like a courtoom.

AI Generated Avengers art
Digiguru with Midjourney

Black Panther is seen with even more drip than he’s typically known for.

AI Generated Black Panther art
Digiguru with Midjourney

The post also depicted Thanos if he grew a beard, lost some muscle mass, and abandoned his universal decimation plans for more scholarly pursuits. Neat goggles!

AI generated Thanos art
Digiguru with Midjourney

Here, a vintage, flannel suit-clad Tony Stark gazes upon his creation: a slightly steampunk-resembling, yet nonetheless sleek Iron Man armor that actually looks pretty impressive.

AI generated Iron Man art
Digiguru with Midjourney

Ant-Man, who looks a little like Adrien Brody in the pic, appears in a Cold War-era Pym Tech helmet.

AI generated Ant-Man art
Digiguru with Midjourney

What’s better than one Rocket Raccoon? Two of them. Toss in a vaguely 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque Peter Quill and this is one visually interesting picture.

AI generated Guardians of the Galaxy art
Digiguru with Midjourney

A Hulk that looks like he leaped directly from the pages of a 1970s Marvel comic faces off with... Eternals' Richard Madden?

AI generated Hulk art
Digiguru with Midjourney

The group of photos even includes an obligatory shawarma scene, paying tribute to the memorable post-credits scene at the end of 2012's The Avengers:

AI Generated Avengers art
Digiguru with Midjourney

Earth’s Mightiest AI

Wes Anderson is obviously never doing a Marvel movie - that much is clear. He’s far too enmeshed in his own style and the films he likes to make. Plus, frequent collaborator Bill Murray is already being used in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

So, this artwork dreamt up by Midjourney will have to serve as the next best thing. It’s pretty safe to say that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios aren’t making a movie that looks like this anytime soon. Perhaps a What If…? episode?

The closest one might come is perhaps Captain America: The First Avenger, which is primarily set during World War II and sort of resembles the contents of some of these pieces.

As for the Russo Brothers, they’ve claimed they won’t be ready to reteam with Marvel for quite some time.

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