The Direct Podcast: The Future of Streaming

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Episode 3: The Future of Streaming

Are you a movie-going truther who will not rest until you are sitting in red seats eating overpriced popcorn? Or do you just want to see some new content already?

This week, we take a look at the future of streaming services and movie theaters and how it will impact our fandom moving forward. Let's talk about how we got here with streaming services, the grim outlook for theaters, and the pros and cons of each.


With the future of movie theaters up in the air, we need to start looking at the possibility of big and fantastic movie releases right from our own living rooms. Liam and I go through the history of streaming services to see how we got to where we are today, in an effort to predict where we will go in the future. We also discuss some of the pros and cons of streaming services vs. movie theaters. And while sitting in your living room, watching at your own pace, or watching a new movie over and over and over sounds great... does any of that hold up to the movie-going experience?

We also run through a TON of top headlines from a week of MCU, DCU and Star Wars news. And with so many casting reports and rumors for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we decide to fancast some of the most anticipated Marvel characters in the MCU before it is to late.

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2:10 - Sizzle Reel/Top Stories
5:34 - Xochitl Gomez in Dr. Strange MoM
7:17 - Miles Morales cast already?
9:05 - Mando Movie
11:41 - Streaming vs Movie Theaters
29:07 - Direct Draft recap
30:33 - Direct Fancast
48:36 - Weekly Recommendations

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