James Gunn Clarifies How the MCU and DCEU Establish Canon

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Canon can be a tricky thing in the age of Hollywood mega-franchises. Many debate online over what is and what is not deemed canon and opinions on continuity errors flourish in internet spaces. James Gunn, amongst others, has been no stranger to these opinions. The Guardians of the Galaxy and Peacemaker writer/director often takes to Twitter to correct or otherwise debunk fans' ideas regarding his Marvel and DCEU properties.

Gunn, who enjoys partaking in detailed worldbuilding in the projects that he oversees, typically has a quick answer to whatever Guardians inquiry tweeted his way. As such, he's always quite active on the social media platform.

The director also often spends time fielding behind-the-scenes queries from fans, usually to clear up confusion regarding studio decisions, rights issues, and the like.

Gunn Clarifies Canon

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Responding to Twitter user @Lylexxxx, director James Gunn attempted to clear up the general understanding about studio approval on establishing storytelling canon within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe.

Hey James Gunn just curious, when you write something into a script that would become canon for the DCEU, what is that process? Meaning, do you just submit a script and WB either says ok or no, or are there convos about it? Obviosuly the cameos from Jason and Ezra required some talks,

Gunn stated that fans may "overestimate" the role that Marvel Studios and DC Films play in expanding their respective universes, often simply wanting what's best for the projects' scripts:

"People overestimate the interaction of both DC & Marvel around this stuff - most notes have to do with making the story better. Except in extremely rare situations (such as a legal situation or if there’s a contradiction in another project I don’t know about), it doesn’t come up."

Gunn Is a Straight Shooter

This is far from the first time that James Gunn has offered a response like this. Despite his busy schedule, it's nice to see that the man still takes time out to write replies to fans and news outlets on Twitter.

Furthermore, the information Gunn offers here makes a fair amount of sense. Much has been said about Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige letting creatives have a large degree of leeway in how they approach their MCU projects, often going as far as allowing actors and actresses to contribute to their characters' portrayals in big ways.

Indeed, it seems that as long as all the components in a story end up where they're supposed to be by the conclusion, how they end up getting there isn't seen as too much of a problem.

And on the topic of James Gunn, his threequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3will hit theaters on May 5, 2023.

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