Marvel Studios and DC Films Ditching Comic-Con Virtual Event

By Pete Hernandez Updated:
Kevin Feige, Comic-Con@Home Logo, and Zack Snyder

It has been said countless times to date, but these are truly unprecedented times we are living in. Any semblance of normalcy has been affected, and the same goes for the world of superheroes and comics. A prime example was when San Diego Comic-Con was canceled this year, effectively delayed until 2021

In the aftermath came the announcement of Comic-Con@Home, marking the first time the event would be held virtually in its 50 years of existence. Would the household studios follow suit and join in virtually? Fans have speculated up to this point, and the latest chatter hints an answer could be coming soon.


In an article from Deadline regarding confirmed panels at Comic-Con@Home, the latest indications hint that Marvel Studios and DC will both pass on the virtual event that runs from July 22-26: 

We hear Marvel is sitting on the sidelines, and that Warner Bros.’ feature side of DC will hold their goods for their own virtual fan confab in August.

Update (07/11/20): Comic-Con has officially unveiled their Saturday, July 25th schedule, which does not include any mention of Marvel Studios nor DC Films. As both studios have held their panels on the Saturday of past Comic-Cons, this all but confirms that the two companies will be absent from this year's virtual convention.


Comic-Con has long been a staple for the newest projects to be revealed from the likes of Marvel Studios and DC, but even this latest report shouldn't come as a surprise. For starters, DC already announced its own DC FanDome event, dedicating its own unique platform to showcase new projects on the horizon. As The Direct speculated, such a move could have a lasting impact on the future of fan conventions

Not having to share the spotlight works in the interest of DC, and Marvel Studios may have already laid the foundation back when they announced Phase 3 at the El Capitan Theatre. Ultimately, in the situation we are currently in, look for studios to take advantage of promoting their own future content directly to the fans themselves, without having to cede time to the competition. Marvel Studios and DC may skip on Comic-Con@Home this year, but here's hoping we see them return sometime in the future. 

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