Marvel's Blade Reboot Actor Receives Word of Advice From Wesley Snipes

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Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige surprised everyone back at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 when he announced how a Blade movie was officially joining the MCU slate. Not only that, but the studio already had an actor cast: Mahershala Ali.

Since then, there has been next to no official word about the project or when it's set to commence. That is until Eternals was released, and director Chloé Zhao surprised everyone by including Blade in the final post-credits scene

With the name now on the minds of everyone across the world, it's hard not to think about the actor who formerly held the mantle of the famous vampire hunter.

So with all of this re-emerging talk, what does Wesley Snipes think about it all?

Wesley Snipes Advises Mahershala Ali

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In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment's Kevin Polowy, former Blade star Wesley Snipes was asked if he had spoken to Mahershala Ali about his casting as Blade.

The actor shared that "[they] spoke" and revealed how "[he] is not attached to the character:"

"Yea, we spoke. We shared that the issue of him being cast wasn't between us, you know, that business. I'm cool with it. I don't walk around as Blade, so I'm not attached to the character... I feel no emotional loss. Zero. I'm happy that he's being cast. And that more than likely he'll do a great job."

As for his advice for Ali? "Make sure you're in shape, man:"

"Make sure you're in shape, man. Try not to get hurt. That's big. The demands of action movies, you gotta be an elite athlete and be in good condition to survive it and avoid injury. Enjoy it while it lasts."

Wesley Snipes Approves of the New Blade

Not that Wesley Snipes has anything to do with the character anymore, but it's always good to hear when former actors of a mantle approve of their successors. With the Multiverse in play, it's only a matter of time before Snipes may get to take on the role again in some huge fan moment down the line.

As for Ali, well, he has only just made his debut—by voice no less. That said, his arrival has now officially been set up. It's out there, and the ball has begun to roll.

What makes it even more exciting for fans is how his proper debut is likely to include Kit Harington's Dane Whitman, who got a criminally small amount to do in Eternals. Not only that, but it seems Blade may be putting together a team of sorts. Midnight Sons, anybody?

Blade doesn't yet have a release date, but fans are probably safe to assume it will hit theaters within the next year or two. Just make sure to keep those fingers crossed.

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