Is Doctor Strange Aware of the TVA? Loki Writer Responds (Exclusive)

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In the premiere episode of Loki fans learned everything about the Time Variance Authority. 

More than anything it was driven home that TVA is responsible for making sure that the predetermined plans and predictions from the Time-Keepers are held intact. 

There is another entity in the MCU that has a similar (yet different) role in managing timelines and futures, Doctor Strange. 

So the question being asked is, does the Sorcerer Supreme, be it Stephen Strange or the Ancient One, know of the existence of the TVA?


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In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Michael Waldron, the writer for both Loki and Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, was asked if he knew if Doctor Strange or the Ancient One is aware of the TVA's existence. Waldron played coy, saying "it would be interesting if they did" while pointing out the difference between the two time-associated parties:

We don't really know. It would be interesting if they did. I think what we see with the TVA is, whereas the folks at Kamar-Taj are dealing things in a magical way, the TVA is paperwork. Its bureaucracy. It appears to be a little more science-based.


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Thor (2011)

Waldron provided an answer that actually calls back to the first introduction of Loki, Thor. In the Phase One film, Thor tells Jane Foster that magic in the MCU (at least in regard to Asgardian magic) is a scientific process beyond the Earth's capabilities of understanding. 

If the TVA is working with the same situations as Doctor Strange, it would make sense for them to hold everything through paperwork and long lines. Remember that Doctor Strange was able to become the Sorcerer Supreme due to his ability to learn better than anyone else on the planet. 

Moving forward in MCU Cosmic, these concepts of magic and time are bound to run into each other. WandaVision gave fans an entirely new look at the history of magic in the MCU. Loki seems to be turning it on its head once again. 

If rumors are to be believed, we can expect these various ideals to collide in Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness. Which, interestingly enough, is also being written by Michael Waldron. 

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