Karen Gillan Apologizes for Awkward Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Pose

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Karen Gillan Guardians Galaxy 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 star Karen Gillan broke down her thoughts on Nebula's awkward pose on the recently released poster. 

Gillan is nearing a decade as the daughter of Thanos in the MCU, while the Guardians barrel toward what is looking like the "end of the chapter" for this particular iteration of the intergalactic team. 

It is unknown if Nebula will make it out of the upcoming threequel, but seeing as she recently got a bit of an upgrade within the universe, it seems as though Marvel may be investing in the character for the long haul. 

But the spotlight has been shown Gillan's way after the release of the first theatrical poster for director Jame Gunns' latest MCU epic. 

Gillan on Her Nebula Pose

After Karen Gillan's Nebula drew the ire of many because of an awkward pose on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 poster, the MCU actress shared her thoughts on the look. 

Guardians Poster
Marvel Studios

In a video on her personal TikTok, Gillan jokingly apologized for the pose she chose for the Marvel Studios poster. 

The actress remembered "doing this pose and thinking, ‘I think I look pretty cool here.'"  So she took "full responsibility for this choice:"

"Okay, can anybody tell me what I was thinking when I decided to pose like this on an international, worldwide poster that will remain forevermore? I remember doing this pose and thinking, ‘I think I look pretty cool here.’ (laughs) So I take full responsibility for this choice, but oh my God, what am I leaning against? What is my elbow doing?"

Nebula Poster 1
Marvel Studios

The Nebula actress remarked that "Maybe [she] should double down and make this pose a thing," adding "You’ll be seeing that pose again somewhere where you’ll least expect it:”

"Maybe I should double down and make this pose a thing… I stared at it for so long, I was like, ‘Oh maybe, I’m reaching for a weapon to take out and fight someone.’ And then I remembered that I’m not wearing a holster or anything that would carry a weapon, so it’s not that either. You’ll be seeing that pose again somewhere where you’ll least expect it.”

This awkward power stance has caught the eye of many online, with a number of sexist comments on not just Nebula's pose, but seemingly her lack of feminine-presenting features seen on the poster.

What is Happening with the Guardians 3 Poster?

As silly as Karen Gillan might look in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 poster, it is not as though she looks out of place. One has to remember this piece of promotional art features a dog in an astronaut suit, Chris Pratt listening to a Walkman, and Zoë Saldana's Gamora striking a pose. 

It is not as though she is the odd one out here. All of the Guardians look a bit silly, but is that not the idea? 

However, that does not make it any more hilarious that Gillan feels the need to address her character's arm-above-the-head look. 

It would be funny if the actress does make this a thing, showing off this pose wherever she can in the lead-up to the film.

As for the ignorant comments on Nebula's body on the poster, Karen Gillan is not addressing those trolls here, and she doesn't need to. 

The character looks incredibly badass - despite her odd posing choice - and should not have to justify a lack of attractive feminine features these internet trolls seem to be craving. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hits theaters on May 5. 

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