MCU: Groot’s New Superpower Revealed by Guardians 3 Merch (Photos)

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Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Groot

Thanks to newly revealed merchandise for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, a never-before-seen superpower for the MCU’s Groot has been shown off.

The large sentient tree-looking hero has been a fan-favorite character ever since his debut in 2014.

During that timeframe, Groot showcased a myriad of abilities. This includes super strength, durability, the creation of bioluminescence spores, regenerative healing, and more.

Groot’s New Superpower Revealed

Thanks to Funko, a new Pop! figure for Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been revealed.

The tiny collectible, officially named "Groot with Wings," showcases a new superpower for Groot: flight.

Groot, Vol. 3

The Pop Vinyl will be exclusive to Funko’s online store and retails for $15.00. A release date was not given alongside the announcement.

Groot, Vol. 3

While the recent trailers for the Guardians threequel haven’t shown off wings, fans have been getting familiar with swole Groot.

Groot, Vol. 3

Who Knew Trees Could Fly?

Many would agree that flying would not be the first choice one would expect when it came to brainstorming new powers for the MCU’s Groot.

Oddly enough, Groot has been shown to fly in his comics. However, this ability isn’t used on any planet—instead, in the 2015 solo comic series for the character, he is shown to be able to fly and maneuver in the vacuum of space.

Generally, the ability hasn’t been seen since. But how will it play into Vol. 3?

It’s impossible to really know, at the very least, it’ll probably be saved for a big heroic moment.

There are plenty of other abilities that the living tree has in the source material which have yet to make it into live-action.

This includes dendrokineses (the ability to control anything made from wood), telepathy, genius intellect, size manipulation, and more.

Could more of these powers make it to the screen?

Only time will tell, as Vol. 3 hits theaters on May 5.

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