Is a New Crown Royal Strawberry Flavor Releasing Soon? Speculation Explained

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Crown Royal Strawberry

Speculation is fervent among spirit lovers after Crown Royal seemingly teased the release of a new Strawberry flavor of its iconic Canadian whiskey.

The beloved alcohol brand is no stranger to adding bizarre and unique flavorings to its signature beverage. In the past, Crown Royal (owned by beverage giant Diageo) has released variations on its classic whiskey including flavors like apple, peach, and salted caramel.

The beverage manufacturer even released a blackberry-flavored whiskey just in time for a sunshine-filled summer pour as recently as May 2024.

Are the Crown Royal Strawberry Rumors True?

An AI-generated image of a limited edition bottle of Strawberry Crown Royal sitting next to its box and velvet pouch

Fans are confused after a virtual social media post that seemingly teased an unannounced Crown Royal strawberry-flavored whiskey. 

The post in question first cropped up on Facebook, sporting what looks to be official Crown Royal branding, with a deep red strawberry color laced throughout the image. 

It features a glass half-pint bottle with a Crown Royal Strawberry label splayed on it along with a special "limited edition" variation on the brand's iconic velvet carrying pouch. 

Carrying with it a caption that simply says, "Coming to a liquor store near you," the viral Facebook post had fans thinking this Strawberry variant of the Canadian classic is ready for release soon.

However, that is not the case. This particular post is satirical and the image looks to be A.I. generated. 

This is not the first time fans have been tricked by a potential incoming new flavor to the Canadian whiskey either. 

Earlier this year, an April Fool's joke by a small liquor store in Pueblo, Colorado sent fans into a similar sort of tailspin. 

Pueblo's Big Bear Wine & Liquor posted in celebration of the practical joke-filled holiday, promoting both a Crown Royal Cranberry and Crown Royal Raspberry. 

Both of these were deemed to be fake and simply all a part of the business plans for April 1.

Will Crown Royal Strawberry Ever Be Released?

While this social media post advertising a potential Crown Royal Strawberry flavor is not real, that is not to say a strawberry take on the iconic beverage will never happen. 

Crown Royal has made it clear that as a brand, it is not shy about mixing up its formula for some unique twists on its classic whiskey. 

While announcing its Summer 2024 signature beverage, Crown Royal Blackberry, Senior Vice-President of North American Whiskeys at Diageo Jesse Damashek teased that more flavored whiskey can be expected from the brand going forward. 

Damashek said, "The recipe for increased success is certainly finding flavor profiles" that "[meet] consumers around their evolving occasions:"

"The recipe for increased success is certainly finding flavour profiles and innovation that meets consumers around their evolving occasions. Whether it’s a shift towards more mid-tempo [or] towards desiring more premium flavours. Really making sure that we’re meeting consumers around a desire for more versatility, in terms of usage across cocktails."

So, who is to say that that may not one day include something like a Crown Royal Strawberry? 

"We put the consumer at the heart of everything," the beverage executive continued, adding, "We look to certainly anticipate and shape consumer demand around differentiated profiles:"

"We put the consumer at the heart of everything. We look to certainly anticipate and shape consumer demand around differentiated profiles. It is all about redefining the flavour category, but also meeting consumers’ demand for better, more premium flavours. The flavoured whisky consumer is far and away now looking for more premium, more better, liquid quality experiences."

That means, these companies listen, and if there is enough demand for something, then they are likely going to make it happen. 

So, while this particular strawberry-themed social media post may not be an official sign the flavor is coming to liquor store shelves, it could be the first domino in a campaign that eventually pushes the beverage manufacturer to put out the spirit all on its own. 

Crown Royal can be purchased in liquor stores around the globe.

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