Who Is Brooke Carter? 6 Things to Know About Damsel's Floria Actress

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Damsel Brooke Carter from Damsel

One of the supporting characters in Millie Bobby Brown's Damsel is Floria, played by up-and-coming actress, Brooke Carter. 

Netflix's latest movie flips the fairytale princess script as Millie Bobby Brown's Elodie finds herself being sacrificed to a dragon instead of living happily ever after. 

Playing Elodie's sweet and innocent younger sister is TV series star, Brooke Carter, whose character is ultimately swept along in her sister's misadventure. 

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6 Things To Know About Damsel's Brooke Carter

Damsel's Brooke Carter

Damsel is Her First Film Role

Born in May of 2010, 13-year-old Brooke Carter already has an impressive list of acting credits to her name, including The Peripheral, Dhar Mann, Close to Me, The Irregulars, and The Alienist

However, Damsel was a new experience for the London actress in that it was her first role in a full-length film instead of a television series.

A Hairspray DVD Sparked Her Acting Career

When asked how she discovered her passion for acting, Carter told Sweety High that she first "fell in love with Hairspray the musical:"

"At age 2 I fell in love with 'Hairspray' the musical and used to tap dance to the DVD at home. I started at dance classes and took part in a few stage shows when my mum put me forward to Bonnie and Betty. They accepted me into their books, and the rest is history."

Brooke Carter's Hobbies and Skills

In addition to piano, singing, and even stunts and martial arts, Brooke Carter is skilled in various types of dance, such as ballet, tap, and Irish dance. 

The Damsel star also enjoys swimming, cycling, ice skating, and snow skiing; and despite being a London resident, she can pull off American accents, including a Texan twang. 

Has a Wordsmith Acting Method 

In talking with The Direct's Russ Milheim, Brooke Carter shared how she approached her Damsel role, including making "a slide" and putting "loads of sort of description words about Floria:"

"I got sent over some description about Floria, and I read the whole script. And I took ideas from the script about Floria's reactions to certain things. From that, I made a slide, and I put loads of sort of description words about Floria to help me understand how she would act in normal daily life."

Shares Similarities With Damsel's Floria

In the Netflix film, Floria is a cheerful romantic who begins the film fully believing in happily ever afters. 

When asked by Sweety High whether she's like her character, Brooke confirmed that she's similar in some ways but different in others, describing herself as, "whimsical and naive" but also "more mature" than Floria:

"I believe that I have many similarities to Floria. I am whimsical and naive, much like she is. The biggest difference between us is I feel I am a little more mature."

In talking with Netflix's Tudum, Damsel director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo described Carter as "professional and sparkling" and portrayed the "traditional values" found in most fairytales:

“Brooke was so professional and sparkling. She portrayed all these traditional values that flesh out the fables we know by heart and I think it was important to have that in this story."

A Fan of the Fantasy Genre

While Damsel is a twist on the typical fairytale, it's still a fantasy story which, as Brooke Carter told The Direct, is "definitely one of the most interesting genres."

In referencing one of Damsel's particular plot points and characters, Carter noted another appealing element of a fantasy film which is, "You never know what's going to happen with a dragon."

Damsel is streaming now on Netflix.

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