Letitia Wright Breaks Silence on Black Panther 2 Post-Credits Scene

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Letitia Wright spoke on the touching post-credits scene in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever between Shuri and that surprise character at the end of the film.

For years, fans expected the sequel to Chadwick Boseman’s hit Marvel Studios film to go the distance in honoring the late actor. The first step to doing so was to avoid recasting his character of T’Challa, which allowed the story to focus on grieving the loss of both the real-life person and his MCU legacy.

Director Ryan Coogler went the extra mile, however, by introducing a big surprise: T’Challa’s son. Just before the snap, both he and Nakia had a child, one who that thought would be better growing up away from the throne.

Now, Wright commented on what it was like bringing that moment to life.

Honoring Chadwick Boseman’s Legacy in Wakanda Forever

Black Panther Wakanda Forever, Nakia, Shuri

In an Actors on Actors segment for Variety, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star Letitia Wright spoke with Star Wars’ John Boyega about her latest Marvel Studios film.

While confirming that he did, in fact, watch Wright’s latest film, Boyega asked the actress what it was like filming the pivotal post-credits moment.

She expressed how it was “another extension of the ways in which we wanted to honor Chadwick... especially to young Black men:”

“That post-credit scene, for me, is another extension of the ways in which we wanted to honor Chadwick — especially the role of T’Challa. In the movie that Chadwick was written into before he passed, there is a journey of a father and son. When reading it, I could sense we had to find a way to continue the legacy of what T’Challa means to the world, especially to young Black men. That scene messed me up.

While addressing how many kids they auditioned for the role of T’Challa’s son, she revealed both she and Lupita Nyong’o knew exactly who was the right choice:

“Two. Then Divine [Love Konadu-Sun] came in. His name is Divine. He had a little Chadwick Mohawk. Me and Lupita Nyong’o kept looking at each other like, ‘This is the kid.’ That scene is beautiful because it represents what the future will be.”

The actress noted how she aimed “to express the love that [she has] for Chad” while also doing something “that can make women around the world proud:”

“The first film — because of the love and the appreciation we got from the audiences seeing the ways in which T’Challa was surrounded by women who were just phenomenal — that was the inspiration for this film. And it was an opportunity to express the love that I have for Chad. I’m missing my brother; I want him to be here. But at the same time, I have to honor him with my character and my talent, and I have to do something that can make women around the world proud.”

When asked by Boyega what it’s like moving forward without Boseman, Wright admitted “it’s a hard pill to swallow” and that she “can remember [the day he passed] like it was yesterday:”

“It’s a hard pill to swallow. The day it happened, I can remember it like it was yesterday. If I could just go back and just rewind that day and just erase it … Just being on set with my brother, I would give anything in the world just to have that.”

What’s T’Challa's Future in the MCU?

While Divine Konadu-Son’s time in Wakanda Forever was short, he’ll almost certainly be showing up again at some point.

One theory fans latched onto was how he’d be an easy contender for the MCU’s adaptation of the Young Avengers. A majority of the team has already been introduced in Phase 4, alongside other potential members such as Ms. Marvel and Ironheart.

With Kang the Conqueror’s tendency to be adjacent to time travel, audiences could also end up seeing a grown-up version of this new T’Challa or possibly a Variant of the King’s son. Either of these options would allow Marvel Studios to fast-track a new Black Panther while still honoring Chadwick Boseman in a respectful and touching manner.

This might also mean that Marvel Studios is considering having more than one Black Panther active at once—seeing as Shuri is still active as the protector of Wakanda. The comics began the precedence of there being more than one at a time, so it could easily make its way to the MCU.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is playing in theaters worldwide.

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