Resident Evil Reboot: Sony Shares New Photo To Celebrate Filming Wrap

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Resident Evil

2020 has seen Sony Pictures begin an unprecedented push on their big-screen adaptations of their biggest video game franchises.

The Tom Holland-led Uncharted movie — which has spent nearly a decade in development hell — has finally wrapped production and is set to release in 2021 . Recent comments from Sony confirmed they have ten projects — including seven TV shows and three movies — in development on their video game properties .

Alongside these projects, Sony has been developing a reboot of the movie franchise based on the Resident Evil game series. The original film franchise ran from 2002 to 2016, spanning six movies of which Milla Jovovich starred in.

Resident Evil will serve as a prequel to the original game set in 1998, delving into the secrets of the infamous Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City. The reboot originally began development following the critical and financial failure of the last installment, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter . After a long wait, it looks like the title is set to make its scheduled 2021 release date...


A tweet from the Sony Pictures Twitter account has confirmed the 2021 Resident Evil reboot — directed by Johannes Roberts — has wrapped production, confirming the film does in fact take place in Raccoon City. A set photo was also shared, showing a clapperboard on a desk next to a static-filled television set:


In a year plagued by delays and production halts, it's promising to see a highly-anticipated release finishing production in time to make its intended release date. Currently, the German-American survival horror film is set to release September 9, 2021, with the cast including Robbie Amell ( The Flash ) and Kaya Scodelario ( The Maze Runner ) as Chis and Claire Redfield, respectively.

Whether the film makes its intended release date remains to be seen and will largely depend on the global climate at the time.

For now, Resident Evil is set to hit US theaters on September 9, 2021.

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