Sony Confirms At Least 10 Movies & TV Shows Based on PlayStation Franchises In the Works

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In the past few years, Sony Pictures has been no stranger to the video game movie/TV sphere, taking their popular PlayStation franchises and putting them on the silver screen. Fans have seen Rachet and Clank release as a full length movie, the long-in-turmoil film adaption of Uncharted should come out some time next summer, and The Last of Us was recently confirmed to be coming to HBO as a TV series .

Last year, Sony doubled down on film and television iterations of their PlayStation portfolio, rebranding their in-house studio from PlayStation Originals to PlayStation Productions. In the time since then, there has not been a tonne of information on what could be coming from the newly renamed PlayStation Productions, but it only seems like a matter of time before more info surfaces.


In an interview with CNBC (via MediaPost ), Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra stated that they are developing seven TV shows and three movies based on PlayStation franchises. He went on to emphasize that Sony is looking for a much deeper integration of Sony's entertainment products.

Though Vinciquerra did not specify what franchises in particular could be making the jump or when fans would see these, he did say that they are being developed as a part of a program within the company called “One Sony."

The full interview can be seen below:


This is exciting news for PlayStation fans! The road of video games making the jump to movie or television has been a bumpy one to say the least, but it has seen some positivity in recent years (Netflix's Castlevania and The Witcher are perfect examples).

Now, as to what franchises we actually see from this commitment? That is anyone's guess. The question is, is Tony Vinciquerra including the upcoming Uncharted movie and The Last of Us HBO series in this grouping of 10 projects? It seems unlikely, as he likely would've specified them during the interview. However, could an Uncharted movie sequel be included in this? That seems like a possibility.

Other IP gamers could see out of this initiative at Sony could include something to do with Horizon: Zero Dawn, or maybe we see the re-reveal of the Sly Cooper movie that had a trailer drop back in 2014. Whatever these ten project may be, fans should be excited. Sony and PlayStation have a track record of getting creative people to do incredible things with their characters and stories, and gamers should not expect anything less from the studios.

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