Marvel’s Kevin Feige Reportedly Dips His Toe Into Video Game Consulting

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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is a busy man. After all, he does have the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But he oversees a lot more than that.

Back in 2019, Kevin Feige was promoted to Chief Creative Officer at Marvel. This means that in addition to his work at Marvel Studios, the executive's oversight now expanded over all mediums, including gaming and publishing.

For one, this means that when it comes to all the comics released by the company, Feige is able to make decisions or offer advice on the company's entire line-up. This makes setting up corporate synergy between all facets of Marvel's content much easier.

However, he still has to report to Walt Disney Studios co-chairman, chief creative officer Alan Horn, and co-chairman Alan Bergman.

But what kind of involvement does the esteemed President have in terms of Marvel's gaming projects?

Well, a new report regarding some freshly announced Marvel games has potentially hinted that Feige hasn't done more than tip his toes in.

Kevin Feige Reaches Into the Gaming Corner

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Bloomberg has just reported that Electronic Arts has made a deal with Marvel Entertainment that will result in three new video games based on their various beloved IPs. All three would be in their own respective universes, so they'd have full creative freedom to do what they saw fit.

The first of these games will be EA Motive's Iron Man game, which is aiming to be a single-player-adventure game for Playstation, Xbox, and PC. The project was previously announced shortly after Disney's D23 convention and recently put up a listing for playtesters. The other two titles remain unannounced.

In the report, Electronic Arts chief operating officer (CCO) Laura Miele noted that these new projects will bring in "fans who don't play other EA games:"

"We have an intentional, deliberate strategy to have a balanced portfolio... there will be Marvel fans who don't play other EA games. That's been true with Star Wars."

It was also revealed that Miele originally contacted Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige four years ago in hopes of potentially gaining some words of wisdom when it comes to overseeing EA's various gaming studios. The producer himself was given a promotion in 2019 which led to him becoming the CCO at Marvel Entertainment, so he was the perfect person to ask.

It's unclear what exactly that exchange brought about, but upon reaching out again in 2020, Miele began a working relationship with Jay Ong, who is the head of gaming at Marvel. It's this connection that led to this newly announced deal and directly started the development of Iron Man.

Will Feige Lead to Better Games?

As the news alluded to, Feige himself doesn't seem to be too hands-on when it comes to Marvel's gaming division. Though, even just a few words of wisdom from that man could do a lot of good.

His producing experience has led him to be world-renowned as one of the best producers to ever grace cinema. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe to worry about and its dozens of projects, he obviously wouldn't have much time to dedicate to Marvel games if he could.

On top of Iron Man, what might those two other EA games be? Well, it's been rumored that the company has a Black Panther project in the works, which would be separate from Amy Hennig's recently announced WWII game.

At least one of them is likely to be something that allows for multiple different Marvel heroes to take the stage, whether it be a big online game like DC Universe Online or something closer to Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

The next Marvel game, Midnight Suns, releases on December 2.

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