Marvel Releases Official MCU Spider-Man Web Fluid Formula

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Web Fluid Notes, Peter Parker

Peter Parker is certainly one smart kid in the MCU. Perhaps he's not a super genius on the level of Shuri, Tony Stark, or Dr. Hank Pym , but he has proven himself capable and adaptable. After all, he did develop his own web-shooters and the corresponding web fluid for his activities as Spider-Man.

An in-universe book called The Wakanda Files: A Technological Exploration of the Avengers and Beyond has been released. Within its pages is a plethora of intriguing information on various characters and concepts within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Twitter user MarvelAtBest has shared a page from "The Wakanda Files." On this page are Peter Parker's notes on "Version 3.03" of his web fluid formula, confirming that includes the chemicals salicylic acid, toulene, methanol, carbon tetrachloride, potassium carbonate, ethyl acetate

Jotted down in his notes is the following:

"Silk? Not sticky nor malleable enough for my applications. Needs to be load-bearing and strong, hold with extreme amounts of tension and stress, yet have a little stretch to it."

Pete notes the tensile strength of natural spider silk as being 1.75 GPa. He continues theorizing:

"Synthesized spider silk = .875 GPa - - - Not strong enough. If I can up the gigapascals to at least an even 1.0, stringing up a car might be doable with strong enough webbing."

Parker then discusses the cartridges which contain the web fluid:

"16 gram carts? Could borrow empty CO2 cans from the wood shop pinebox derby garage?"

Finally, he makes notes on the method of disbursement:

"A device on my wrists like a bracelet with a trigger pad in the palm of my hand activated by my middle-most fingers? That way I can slice it off or keep it connected as needed. Wait, could I swing from it? PSI would have to be pretty high to get the webbing to the distances that I'm thinking. 10,000 PSI? Whoa, that might be too much for my wrist to handle. Half that? But what's the source? What if I throw some CO2 into the web cartridges? Give it a little extra 100 PSI push? Every little bit would help."


These notes look to be from early in Peter's Spider-Man career, possibly soon after he got his powers given that he's still working out if he can use his webbing to swing from buildings.

Interestingly enough, this draft of Peter's web fluid notes is version 3.01. In Spider-Man: Homecoming , there is a brief shot of a similar page of web fluid notes which is also labeled as version 3.01. The text on the page in the film is different but perhaps the sheet contained within The Wakanda Files is just meant to represent a different page of notes in the same set.

It's intriguing to read about Peter's thought process as he puts things together and hashes out solutions to his web fluid and web-shooters. You can see the character's intelligence right there on the page with his mastery over concepts like PSI and gigapascals.

It's safe to see that in the current MCU timeline, Pete has his webbing all sorted out as he is seen swinging through the streets of Manhattan with utter ease in the final scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Will there be any major upgrades to Spider-Man's webbing going forward? Perhaps the still-untitled, third MCU Spider-Man film will hold the answers when it opens December 17, 2021.

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