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The Top 10 Weakest Marvel Characters, Ranked

Marvel Weakest Characters

Superheroes stand tall above the average man, endowed with unique abilities granting them the power to perform incredible feats. The power to soar through the sky at blistering speeds, control matter at a subatomic level, or rend an entire planet in half using only pent-up rage. Their skills are in high demand, and as a result, they are frequently found on the best teams in the world.

These impressive characters have delighted us for decades, but what about those on the other end of the spectrum? Why should the strongest Marvel characters get all the attention while the weakest Marvel characters get none? To quench our thirst in our pursuit of a useless superhero, here are the top 10 worst superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

The 10 Weakest Marvel Characters

Super soldier serum, gamma rays, and genetic mutation make up for some of the most incredible superheroes to grace a comic page, but what about the other guys? Here are the top 10 worst superheroes ever. 

10. Hawkeye

Hawkeye MCU

Superpower: Super Accuracy

There are plenty of D-list superheroes that could populate this list, but we might as well start with someone who has brand name recognition for our tenth place weakest superhero. The “arrow guy,” otherwise known as the weakest superhero Marvel could add to the Avengers, Hawkeye, has left an unusual legacy. As he himself points out in his MCU appearance, why would a regular guy try to fight an army of aliens or robots with a bow and arrow?

While Hawkeye doesn't have any special abilities, he knows how to fight and is a great archer. He has shown to hold his own due in no small part to his trick arrows and his ability to guide them. While firing arrows in straight lines is a challenge in itself, Hawkeye regularly ricochets his arrows off other objects to take down unsuspecting targets. These skills do seem impressive on their own. However, it’s hard to imagine any Omega-level threat would take him seriously. 

9. Falcon

Falcon MCU

Superpower: Telepathic Connection to Birds

The MCU’s newest Captain America, the Falcon, who like a few other Marvel heroes, is simply a regular guy who has kept up his cardio. While Sam Wilson does possess military skills, high-tech wings, and a remarkable force of character, in the MCU, he’s still just an ordinary guy at the end of the day. In other words, it would be a short fight if he ended up on the other side of the arena across from World-Breaker Hulk.

There’s a reason he’s a contender on this list for the worst superhero ever. While he's mastered those wings and even has a fighting drone by his side, his lack of proper armor and superpowers makes him a tad unimpressive in comparison to the rest of the Avengers. He isn't very tough or durable. He has a lot of dexterity, but that won't help him much against someone from another planet. 

Conversely, his comic book counterpart does have an unusual talent in that he has an empathic link to his sidekick Redwing. Eventually, Wilson would discover another skill: the power to link-up with other birds, which gives him six billion pairs of eyeballs to scan an area for threats.

8. Cypher

Cypher X-Men Comics

Superpower: Omnilingual

Douglas Ramsey is another mutant with unremarkable abilities. Ramsey, sometimes known as Cypher, is a mutant who has assisted the X-Men in translating antiquated languages and communicating with foreign foes. Cypher's lone and best ability is omnilingual translation, which allows him to communicate with all sentient species. While this might be beneficial at times, many X-Men have telepathic abilities, rendering his talent useless. Cypher has dedicated hours of his life to practicing hand-to-hand fighting to compensate for his flaws. Unfortunately, he is no match for the majority of mutants.

It should be noted that Cypher has been resurrected, and with it now sees everything in “language,” even the internet. Eventually, Cypher would become addicted to being online after attempting to utilize his abilities to decipher the Internet. He let himself go, nearly starving to death because he couldn't get away from the many devices he was using to access the internet. His addiction has led to some fairly nefarious acts such as stealing a body to obtain a phone with internet connection.

7. Hellcow

Hellcow Marvel Comics

Superpower: While Alive (Milk Production) After Death (Vampiric Cow Abilities)

Bessie the cow was an ordinary cow that had an ordinary life until one dramatic day while she was out on the farm. Count Dracula was hunting for prey but wasn’t able to find any humans, so he switched his focus to Bessie and feasted on her. Her owner built a burial for his cow, believing she was dead, and placed her to rest quietly. Bessie, who was now undead, resurfaced from her tomb later that night. Bessie discovered she could fly, was immortal, had vampiric inclinations, and had been given incredible strength and speed. 

Hellcow sported a black and crimson cloak over her back that could transform into a pair of leathery bat wings. It's unclear if Hellcow's cape was an extension of his physical body or a separate item of clothing. It's also unclear where she got the cape and learnt about its properties.

She would lead a life of foul adventure getting tangled up with the likes of Howard the Duck and ultimately betraying Deadpool.

Bessie has had several appearances in Marvel Comics since her birth, and she is quite probably the most absurd superhero on this list of the worst superheroes of all time.

6. Jubilee

Marvel Jubilee X-Men Apocalypse

Superpower: Pyrotechnic Energy Plasmoids (Fireworks)

Unless you grew up in the 90s and devoured the X-Men cartoon, you may not be aware of Jubilee. After all, Jubilee is a mutant who is rarely addressed since she is mostly utilized as a filler character. While her bright yellow clothing and unusual hairstyle may first entice you, you'll quickly discover that Jubilee reminds you of a low-tier version of Gambit. She can put on a nice pink light display for her opponents, but her lights have little bite in the face of actual competition. 

These are essentially energy globules with varying levels of strength and severity. The explosions can produce anything from a swarm of bright sparks that might briefly blind a person to a massive detonation that can break tree trunks. Jubilee can also absorb the created fireworks without harming herself. Jubilee has seen several power surges and blackouts throughout her tenure with the X-Men. In some comics, she can influence matter at the subatomic level, but she is utterly devoid of her powers in others.

Unfortunately for Jubilee, she did receive an upgrade as a vampire thanks to vampiric suicide bomber who happened to detonate next to her. However, she would eventually be “cured” thanks to the Phoenix Force and given her “normal” powers back, once again giving her the power of flashing lights.

5. Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck

Superpower: Anthropomorphic Duck

Howard the Duck was a resident of Duck-world, a parallel Earth where anthropomorphic ducks were the dominant species. When he was kidnapped by the demon Thog the Nether-Spawn and placed into the Everglades of Florida, his life would be turned upside down.

Howard became friends with and allies with Man-Thing, the protector of the well of worlds that holds the portal to the multiverse while stuck on Earth. Howard would be dragged along for countless mishaps as he tried to go home, fighting demons, aliens, the infamous Hellcow, and other world threatening supervillains. Because of his mastery of the martial art of quack-fu, he would be seen as somewhat of a superhero. Howard's physique, like that of his whole tribe, has features in common with both ordinary Earth ducks and common Earth humans. He lacks wings and is covered with feathers, making it impossible for him to fly. 

It should be noted that Howard can survive in the vacuum of space, even if he is not wearing a suit that shields him from the environment or gives him oxygen. Additionally, Doctor Strange, the Supreme Sorcerer, has also briefly educated Howard in the mystic arts. Howard was able to conjure spells and use transformation enchantments, though he eventually declined to study as Strange's apprentice. 

However, what truly earns Howard the Duck’s place as the weakest Marvel superhero is the fact that, despite being a duck, he can’t swim!

4. Dazzler

Dazzler X-Men Dark Phoenix

Superpower: Convert Sound to Light

Marvel Comics and Casablanca Records collaborated on the creation of Dazzler. She initially appeared in 1980's X-Men #130. Alison Blaire is a mutant who can turn sound into light. The output is more forceful when the source is louder. This can present itself in various ways. She began by constructing her own light displays but soon discovered that they may cause others to go blind. 

Throughout the years, she learned how to make holograms and other diversions and hard light structures that can be used as weapons. She can also fire light bursts from her fingers, palms, eyeballs, and other body parts. Additionally, it should be noted that she’s a quadruple threat; singer, dancer, actress, and roller-skater! Magneto better watch out!

Eventually, Alison would become a citizen of Krakoa, a new mutant nation. Allison collaborated with Siryn to create a lightshow for the citizens of the emerging nation-state of Krakoa during the celebration after the inaugural meeting of the Quiet Council.

3. Karma

Karma X-Men Comics

Superpower: Limited Telepathy

Xi'an Coy Manh and her mutant twin brother were both born in Vietnam. She discovered she could occupy people's thoughts at a young age, which she thought was pretty great – until she encountered the X-Men. She finally adopted the moniker Karma and began putting her abilities to good use. Even though her acts were honorable, Karma ended up causing more issues than she could solve.

To begin, anytime Karma takes control of another body, she exposes herself on the battlefield. The X-Men have often gone to great lengths to preserve Karma's body from evil powers, only to endanger their goal in the end. Not only that, but Karma's mind control is so poor in comparison to other telepaths that she frequently becomes trapped and tormented within their heads. If she stays in possession of a host for too long, she will start to think and act like the host, and her own personality will finally be subordinated to the host's.

It is revealed that Karma's demeanor has darkened significantly when she integrated her evil twin brother Tran into her genetic matrix. As a result of their fusion, her wicked sibling scarcely even needs to exercise his control over her acts from time to time.

2. Eye-Boy

Eye Boy X-Men Comics

Superpower: 57 eyeballs on his body

Trevor Hawkins, better known as Eye Boy, is a mutant alumnus of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Eye Boy has nothing to offer in the way of mutant powers, but he still likes contributing his two cents. Eye Boy's magic may not be spectacular, but it is undoubtedly impressive. He's like a walking, talking security system, which is why he usually stays in the background.

Eye Boy's body is covered with 55 extra eyeballs, allowing him to see in all directions. He also possesses the capacity to detect strange magic in the air. Unfortunately, Eye Boy is better at spotting them than at using them when it comes to abilities.

However, Doctor Strange did give him a magical lens that enhanced his natural vision as well as his mutant talents. With it, he can see magical interference, keep an eye out for energy signatures, and if he concentrates hard enough, see through things. Additionally, he also has his signature "Eye Pad." He appeared to be using a digital pad to check information about new kids he had welcomed to the school.

1. Wraith

Wraith X-Men

Superpower: Near-Invisibility Field

Finally, it’s time to answer the question you came here with: who is the weakest superhero? Hector Rendoza had meticulously planned every detail of his life. He intended to train as a doctor and save the lives of tens of thousands of people. However, because of the mutant genes coursing through his veins, things didn't go as intended. Rendoza, or Wraith, sought safety with the X-Men after being viciously attacked for his looks, leaving his previous life behind.

Wraith can partially make himself translucent, only leaving his internal organs visible. This fantastic power of making skin a little see-through can even be extended to others around him! Whether it's a good thing or a terrible thing, Wraith loses his powers on M-Day and reverts to a normal human being.

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