Superman: Evidence Points To Kal-El Video Game Possibly In Development at WB Montreal

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WB Games Montreal Superman Game

Warner Bros. Games Montreal has proven that they know what they're doing when it comes to digital adventures in the DC universe. The studio has previously worked with the Dark Knight, putting out Batman: Arkham Origins back in 2013 to successful results.

And after a brief tease at last year's DC FanDome, the team's next foray into Warner Bros. world of heroes, Gotham Knights, is set to launch sometime next year

However, as work on the four-player co-op Gotham-based adventure seemingly comes to an end, the studio could be ramping up on early development on their next endeavor. 



According to a new job posting at WB Games Montreal, the game studio behind Gotham Knights is potentially working on a Superman game.

The vacancy listed is for a 3C Game Designer who will be tasked at working on playable characters for a third-person open-world action game. 

Serial games industry leaker James Sigfield has been seen replying to tweets regarding the new posting, hinting towards DC's iconic Son of Krypton. This coincides with WB Games Montreal Creative Director Patrick Redding actively discussing the merits of Clark Kent and his alter ego on various social platforms. 



While this could just be a coincidence, sometimes where there is smoke, there is also fire. 

WB Montreal has proven itself with DC's most prized heroes in the past and looks to be delivering once again with the forthcoming Gotham Knights. So there is no reason to think the brass at Warner wouldn't let this talented team take on Superman. 

However, what would a Superman video game even look like? The Man of Steel is a tough hero to tackle in an interactive medium. Kal-El is literally the most powerful being on planet Earth, which begs the question of how a development team crafts any sort of challenge for the player to overcome. 

Superman has dipped his toes into the gaming waters before, most infamously with Superman 64 where gamers spent most of their time flying through rings rather than taking on some sort of intergalactic threat. 

Despite all that, if there was a team that could be the ones to crack the code, it would be WB Montreal. Not even 12 years ago, the idea of a stellar Batman game seemed like a pipe dream, and all it took was one enterprising development team at Rocksteady to nail it with the Arkham game series. 

So who's to say that WB Montreal couldn't do the same with DC's other iconic hero? Fans deserve a digital love letter to the Man of Tomorrow, just as much as the Batman faithful deserved it just over a decade ago. 

While this rumored Superman game is still just that - a rumor - Warner Bros. Games Montreal's upcoming Gotham Knights is expected to hit store shelves some time in 2022. 

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