Star Wars Reportedly Working on New Knights of the Old Republic Video Game

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Star Wars Jedi Knights of the Old Republic

The Star Wars gaming franchise entered a brand-new phase last week, with the announcement that Lucasfilm Games were set to become the “official identity” for all gaming titles under the Lucasfilm banner.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order also received a number of next-generation updates , as well as the clarification of EA's continuation to create Star Wars based games in the future. Additionally, Ubisoft shocked the gaming world, announcing that development had started with Lucasfilm Games on a brand new open-world Star Wars title.

Another Lucasfilm franchise then entered the limelight, following the reveal of a brand new Indiana Jones game , set to be developed by Bethesda.

Evidence has recently suggested that a sequel to Star Wars Battlefront 2 may be in the works. However, more information has become available regarding the next potential Star Wars game.


In a recent episode of Bob The Podcast , Bespin Bulletin has revealed that a new Knights of the Old Republic title is under development by an unknown developer.

Throughout the episode, the host speculates that it will not be a remake of the original two games, and instead will be its own “ definitive story .”

There is a Knights of the Old Republic project in development somewhere, I talked to a couple of people, and I also found out that Jason Schreier, he said that it's not with EA. We will never guess who the studio is. It's happening somewhere, it's happening.

Later on in the podcast, the hosts reveal one of the studios rumored to be developing the game, following Ubisoft's announcement that they were working on a brand new open-world Star Wars title .

The other company I heard who were in talks was Activision, who has had a lot of experience with remakes recently, the Crash and Spyro trilogies, as well as Tony Hawk. Maybe these guys can handle it.


While this news will, of course, bring excitement to both gamers and Star Wars fans from around the world, it would be wise to take the rumor with a pinch of salt.

With nothing currently confirmed, details surrounding the game are limited. Therefore more clarification on the game will be hard to come by.

It’s worth mentioning however that Bespin Bulletin has been extremely reliable with Star Wars news in the past, with a number of reports from the reporter later confirmed. The name-drop of Jason Schreier is also key, a consistent provider for gaming news.

The information surrounding the plot is also certain to cause controversy, with the game reportedly set to take a number of decisions away from the players. A key element present within the original Knights of the Old Republic games was the aspect of choices, allowing players to decide numerous things, including the sex of the main character. In recent showcases of the classic games, the main character has always been shown as a male, potentially as this story is assumed as 'canon'.

Given the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order , it's likely that the unnamed developer may choose to nominate a single main antagonist, focusing the story towards a narrow path, and removing the RPG aspect from the title. With a number of new Star Wars series and movies set to release over the coming years, it will be interesting to see how the development of the game comes along, with fans waiting eagerly for an official announcement.

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