Spider-Man: Miles Morales: 10 Costumes Get Their Own Funko Pops

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Miles Morales Funko Pop Figures

Over the years, Funko Pop figures have grown massively in popularity to become arguably the biggest merchandise brand out there for pop culture. Figures are available for all the biggest franchises, including Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and plenty more.

In November, Insomniac's insanely popular PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man franchise saw a spin-off title released to mark the launch, centered around Miles Morales taking up the Spidey mantle. The launch of Spider-Man: Miles Morales was an instant hit and became one of the biggest PS5 launch exclusives. But with great success, comes great merchandising, so it's no surprise to see a host of merchandise released to go alongside it, including a collaboration with Funko.

With the launch of the title's initial release, Funko revealed a selection of spoiler-free Pop Vinyl figures set to release in March 2021. The initial line-up included figures based on the TRACK suit (which was revealed prior to launch as a pre-order bonus), and another based on Miles' classic red and black suit — with a limited edition unmasked Chase version which was shipped randomly to some lucky customers.


Now that Spider-Man: Miles Morale s has been out several months and the concern for spoilers has faded, Funko has revealed an expanded line-up of figures based on eight of Miles' other looks in the game, which will be releasing in April 2021. All ten figures will be priced at $10.99 and can be pre-ordered now from Entertainment Earth.

S.T.R.I.K.E Suit - Pre-Order Here

STRIKE Miles Morales Suit Funko
From Funko

Avid comic readers may have heard of S.T.R.I.K.E as the UK's counterpart to S.H.I.E.L.D, and this suit kits Miles' out as a member of the organization with a more armored look.

2020 Suit - Pre-Order Here

2020 Miles Morales Suit Funko
From Funko

The 2020 suit kits Miles out perfectly for the worst year of all time, with a unique helmeted look to protect himself from the virus and stay safe.

Winter Suit - Pre-Order Here

Winter Miles Morales Suit Funko
From Funko

As the game takes place at Christmas, it seems only fitting to include a winter outfit for Miles' to keep him warm through the snowy season in New York.

TRACK Suit - Pre-Order Here

TRACK Miles Morales Suit Funko
From Funko

Miles' TRACK suit was released as a pre-order bonus for Spider-Man: Miles Morales prior to launch, with the Funko Pop to go with it having been revealed several months ago in November. As such, unlike the majority of the other figures, the TRACK suit will be released in March instead of April.

Crimson Cowl Suit - Pre-Order Here

Crimson Cowl Miles Morales Suit Funko
From Funko

While simplistic, the Crimson Cowl is one of the most stylish looks in the game with a red hood over the suit and its Funko Pop version demonstrates it in action mid-web swing.

Bodega Cat Suit - Pre-Order Here

 Bodega Cat Miles Morales Suit Funko
From Funko

The Bodega cat suit in the game is tied to a unique quest in the game involving a cat named Spider-Man found at the local bodega. This suit is equipped with a backpack to carry Miles' feline companion who frequently aids him in combat during certain takedowns.

Programmable Suit - Pre-Order Here

Programmable Miles Morales Suit Funko
From Funko

The programmable suit gives Miles' a taste of the Tinkerer's technology, equipped with a lot of the same technology she uses.

Advanced Tech Suit - Pre-Order Here

Advanced Tech Miles Morales Suit Funko
From Funko

The Advanced Tech suit also shows an in-action Miles' in a unique, more technically equipped version of his standard red and black look featured in the game.

Metallic Suit - Pre-Order Here

Metallic Miles Morales Suit Funko
From Funko

The metallic suit totally changes up Miles' standard look, replacing the red of his suit with purple and green to heavily resemble the Prowler.

Classic Suit - Pre-Order Here

 Classic Miles Morales Suit Funko
From Funko

An alternate Chase version of the classic suit is also available showcasing an unmasked Miles'. Chase variants of Funko Pop figures are limited edition variants of a figure, which are shipped at random with some orders of the standard variant.

Classic Chase Miles Morales Suit Funko
From Funko

Like the TRACK suit figure, both variations of the classic suit will be released during the earlier month of March.

The new line of figures showcase a huge number of Miles' many looks featured in the game, however, there's a notable absence of the game's side characters or villains. Figures based on characters such as the Prowler or the Tinkerer would have made for fine additions to this line-up.

Nonetheless, all of these figures provide amazing representations of the various suits in the game and are sure to make great additions to the Funko collections of gamers and Spider-Man fans alike when they launch on their respective dates.

The new line-up of Funko Pop figures will be released across March and April, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales is available now for PS4 and PS5.

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