Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Yuffie Episode Details Revealed

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Yuffie next to the FF7 logo

Earlier this year, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake would receive a remastered version on the PlayStation 5 in the form of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade . The upgrade features enhanced graphics, a 60 FPS mode, and a photo mode.

Also announced was a DLC episode centered around Yuffie , a character from the original Final Fantasy VII in 1997. Aside from a new announcement trailer, not much was revealed about the upcoming episode.

More information, however, has been released about the anticipated DLC for Final Fantasy VII Remake .


More details about the upcoming Yuffie episode for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade have been revealed. According to a press release, released via Nibel on Twitter, the episode is titled INTERmission .

The episode will feature Yuffie as the main playable character, and her fighting style is akin to that of a ninja, according to Nibel.

Yuffie fighting in battle
Square Enix

Yuffie “primarily fights with her throwing star and is able to cast Elemental Ninjutsu.” A photo of Yuffie using her throwing stars can be seen below.

Yuffie using her throwing stars
Square Enix

A list of cast members has been revealed at well, according to Nibel, which can be found below:

Yuffie Kisaragi - Suzie Yeung
Sonon Kusakabe - Aleks Le
Weiss - Daman Mills
Zhijie - Griffin Puatu
Nayo - Ashley Boettcher
Billy Bob - David Goldstein
Polk - Daniel Amerman

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade , including INTERmission , is set to release on June 10. More photos of the upcoming DLC can be found below:


INTERmission is the first big DLC drop for the beloved remake. It allows players to explore Midgard again and re-introduces a character from the classic PlayStation game. Fans of the original game are treated to a revisit of her character, while new fans will be introduced to Yuffie for the first time.

Based on Nibel’s description of Yuffie, it seems like her fighting style is relatively unique compared to the remake’s roster of playable characters. Yuffie’s focus in battle is on utilizing her throwing stars and casting elementals. It sounds like she offers a mostly ranged play-style with options to get up close and personal.

Not much is known about the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake , but it’s likely that the announced follow-up will release at some point in the coming years. Final Fantasy VII Remake only told a piece of the original game, so the rest of the game’s story will likely be told in the sequel.

INTERmission , therefore, seems to serve as a bridge between parts one and two of the remake’s take on the story. It’s possible that more DLC for Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released as a way to keep fans’ interest high while work on the sequel is underway.

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