Chris Pratt’s Mario Movie Trailer Gets Exciting Release Update

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For the first time in three decades, the gaming world’s most famous red-suited plumber is set to star in his own big-screen movie with Chris Pratt’s Mario-centric adventure. Illumination has teamed up with the Nintendo team that featured Mario in dozens of video games over the years as the iconic hero jumps into a long-awaited animated solo adventure.

Pratt is joined by an all-star team of cast members, including Jack Black as the powerful Bowser, Anna-Joy Taylor as Princess Peach, and Charlie Day as Mario’s beloved brother, Luigi.

Although rumors are hinting that the movie will be titled Super Mario Bros., it remains as mysterious as any star-powered blockbuster in the game today, with just over six months until its debut and no signs of life from its promotional tour. Thankfully, that’s about to change soon, as Illumination and Nintendo have set the date for when this animated outing's first trailer will debut.

Mario Movie Trailer on the Way

Mario, Chris Pratt

New York Comic-Con announced that this year's convention will hold the trailer premiere for Chris Pratt's animated Super Mario Bros., which is set for release on April 7, 2023.

While the announcement didn't confirm the movie's official title, it includes a classic gold block from the Super Mario Bros. game, confirming that the movie's trailer will debut on Thursday, October 6, at 4:00 p.m. EST.

Mario movie, NYCC

What Will the First Mario Trailer Show?

Thanks to the cast that Illumination and Nintendo have brought on board for Super Mario Bros., anticipation is high to see what these animation studios can do with the now iconic video game protagonist. And with about half a year left until the movie releases in, fans will finally get their first look at the work these studios have put in to bring Mario, Luigi, and the crew to theaters.

While this first trailer may not give any specific story details, Chris Pratt's Mario should get plenty of shine as fans hear his take on the Italian accent that's so well-known from decades of video games. Hopefully, characters like Charlie Day's Luigi and Jack Black's Bowser will also have a chance to be heard, although this trailer will likely set up how the movie feels more than concrete plot points.

Regardless of what is actually shown in the trailer, just knowing that it's on the way in a couple of weeks is exciting news for Mario fans that have waited for years to see this character done right in a movie. The animated sphere should be the perfect avenue to recreate some of his most memorable moments from the video games, and the hope is that this cast of Hollywood regulars will capture the essence of the story that Mario fans already know so well.

Super Mario Bros. is set to debut in theaters on April 7, 2023. The movie's first trailer will arrive at New York Comic-Con at 4:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, October 6.

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