Chris Pratt's Mario Movie Title Reportedly Revealed

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Chris Pratt's popularity continues to rise with each passing year, particularly right now thanks to his three confirmed appearances in the MCU as Star-Lord within just 10 months. But next year, he'll also add a video game project to his resume as he takes on the titular leading role in an untitled Mario movie from Illumination and Nintendo.

Pratt has a stellar group of names filling out the supporting cast, including comedy icon Seth Rogen playing Donkey Kong and It's Always Sunny's Charlie Day suiting up as Mario's classic sidekick, Luigi. The exact story behind this unique adventure is unknown, although there is hope for something fun to come to the screen after fans saw success from other video-game movies such as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Aside from the plot, one of the other big questions surrounding Pratt's new movie is what exactly it will be titled, as every report about it has dubbed it as the "untitled Mario movie." But now, fans may have an update on that title thanks to a change seen on the website of one of the animation teams that's bringing this story to life.

Mario Movie May Have a Title

Chris Pratt and Mario

The official website for Illumination Mac Guff, one of Illumination's main animation studios, listed the upcoming Mario movie with the title Super Mario Bros.

Previously, some outlets had assumed that the new film would simply be titled Mario without the full name of the original video game. The new name is also identical to that of the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie from 1993, which quickly became a critical and financial bomb.

The website also confirmed that, in addition to Super Mario Bros, Illumination Entertainment also has Migration and Despicable Me 4 in development

Will Pratt's Mario Movie Use New Title?

With only seven months until Chris Pratt's Mario movie makes its way into theaters, this new project still remains heavily under wraps, even with the vocal performances captured and post-production moving forward. But hearing about this new title should at least be something exciting for fans waiting to see Mario, Luigi, and the crew makes their way into an animated solo movie on the big screen.

Should Super Mario Bros. be the title, it would certainly give fans the impression that the classic video game's essence will be captured in a story unlike any shown in the gaming sphere. And although nothing can be confirmed until the movie's official promotional tour begins, likely before the end of the year, gaming fans can look forward to having this new title confirmed before the first footage and story details become public.

Super Mario Bros. will debut in theaters on April 7, 2023.

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