Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Gameplay Shown at The Game Awards

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Black Ops Cold War Stitch Operator

Following a delay to the release of the season , Black Ops Cold War will release its first major seasonal content update next week. Earlier in the week, Treyarch released a cinematic trailer for the new season introducing fans to the main storyline to be explored in-game in the coming months, along with teasing the content to come throughout — including the new Mall multiplayer maps, and Stitch battle pass operator.

Stitch's backstory gives him a deep connection to campaign protagonist, Russel Adler, having lost an eye to him during an interrogation following a Raid on Rebirth Island. This announcement also confirmed a gameplay trailer would be shown during The Game Awards, an event which took place tonight...


During tonight's Game Awards show, Treyarch have delivered the first trailer from Black Ops Cold War 's Season 1 content update set to release on December 17.

The trailer was followed by a blog post on the Call of Duty blog, previewing all the content which will come with the release of the update. The post detailed the maps, modes, weapons, cosmetics, zombies modes, and Warzone content which will release with the upcoming season.

On the multiplayer side, Black Ops Cold War fans will see eight new maps including four for the new 2v2 Gunfight mode, along with three 6v6 maps, and a new map for the large scale Fireteam mode. The selection of maps includes: the return of Raid from Black Ops 2, a festive version of Nuketown, and a host of other unique new locations. Season One will also include two new weapons on launch — the Gorza assault rifle and Mac-11 SMG — with a new Streetsweeper shotgun to arrive mid-season, along with multiple melee weapons.

As usual, the season will offer a battle pass of cosmetics including the new operator, Stitch, along with the return of mastercrafts from Black Ops 4 — a new tier of weapon blueprints which reinvent the appearance of the given weapon.

Alongside content for Black Ops Cold War , the trailer showcased changes to the Warzone battle royale spin-off mode. This will include the arrival of all the Black Ops Cold War guns for use in loadouts, as well as a brand-new second map, set on Rebirth Island. The update will also bring a totally new version of the Gulag for both the Rebirth Island map, along with a separate new version altogether for the main Verdansk map.


Ever since the release of Black Ops Cold War , Treyarch have faced controversy for the lack of content in the latest entry in the Call of Duty series. This update appears to be resolving that with many fans describing the launch as the end of the “beta” of the game. Past leaks have confirmed the title faced plenty of issues in its development which weren't helped in the slightest by the global pandemic shutting down offices and studios.

Call of Duty fans across the board ought to be happy with the update as it appears to offer a significant amount of new content and cosmetics for every mode including multiplayer, zombies, and the standalone Warzone battle royale. On the zombies side of things, the inclusion of two modes in season one puts it on equal footing with the past entries in the franchise with the most alternate variations of the classic undead experience, indicating there is plenty more to come in the remaining seasons over the next year.

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