Marvel's Avengers: Leak Reveals MCU Endgame Suits For Captain America & Black Widow

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The life of Marvel's Avengers thus far has been less than ideal.

Since its launch, the game has seen its fair share of bad press. Whether it was unwieldy load times, lack of end game content, or nebulous plans for the future, the game has all but been abandoned by fans.

To their credit, a number of those issues have been addressed by developers Crystal Dynamics, with more heroes having come to the game , better load times on next-gen hardware, and a roadmap that hopes to provide fans with more fun throughout 2021 .

However, one of the biggest criticisms levied against the title, present since even before it hit shelves, was its character designs. Fans were shocked to see heroes that looked like off-brand knock-offs of their Marvel Cinematic Universe counterparts, rather than designs pulled straight from the silver screen.

Well with the first look of an Endgame Professor Hulk skin coming just days ago , it seems this is just the start for movie-accurate looks coming to the Marvel's Avengers .


In a leak from Twitter users @Laajune and @mmmmmmmmiller , Captain America, Ronin, and Black Widow skins inspired by their Marvel Cinematic Universe's looks are headed to Marvel's Avengers, matching the character's looks from Avengers: Endgame.

One of @Laajune's followers sent them a screengrab as well as some info saying they found "a bug in the Mega Hive where when he dies and switch suits for a certain character it shows new skin in the game."

The @Laajune's Tweet can be seen below:

Here's a look at Ronin and Black Widow:

And this Tweet shows off a sneak peek at Cap's new digs:

For comparison, here's how their suits appeared on promotional imagery for Avengers: Endgame:

Avengers Endgame poster promo
Avengers: Endgame

Murphy's Multiverse first reported on these leaked images.


One can imagine that skins such as these arriving in Marvel's Avengers is only the beginning. With these three looks and the Professor Hulk skin leaked earlier this week, fans should expect to start seeing these reveals with some regularity.

Other characters like Iron Man, and Thor will surely get costumes to match their cinematic counterparts, but beyond that is a mystery.

Could a Blank Panther skin be on the way upon the release of the game's Wakanda expansion? Or perhaps a Hailee Steinfeld Kate Bishop skin to go with Disney+'s Hawkeye series? Marvel has no lack of costumes from the comic page, movie screen, and now streaming world, so dive into them.

There are some cosmetics in the game at this point, but not nearly the glut of looks for these heroes that one would think would be in there nearly eight months post-launch. Open up the color-way vault Marvel!

Most fans have abandoned Avengers' servers at this point. What better way to entice gamers to jump back in that new skins, maybe even tied to daily or weekly challenges? That is how companies keep these ongoing games alive. Take a page out of Fortnite's book and success could potentially follow.

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