Futurama's New Season on Hulu Will Have 2 Key Differences, Reveals Producer

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It has been revealed how Hulu's Futurama revival will differ from the original series. 

Futurama Season 11 just kicked off on the streamer after more than a decade since it was originally canceled at Comedy Central. 

The beloved animated series is back in full force, bringing with it its biting commentary on the ridiculousness of the modern world.

While the whole cast is back, as Fry, Bender, and co. are thrust back into the spotlight, there are some noticeable differences fans can expect in this latest batch of episodes. 

2 Big Differences in Futurama Season 11

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Futurama executive producer Claudia Katz has let slip just how this latest season of the fan-favorite animated comedy will differ from its original run.

Speaking to SFX Magazine, Katz noted that Season 11 will be the first time the series will be produced in 4K, remarking that the team wanted the series to be made in a way where "where it looks great, or better than the last time you saw it:"

"We want to produce 'Futurama' in a way where it looks great, or better than the last time you saw it, but we don’t want it to feel in any way unfamiliar. We’re producing this batch in 4K, which is a little different."

Additionally, this latest season is "more ambitious" than anything that has come in the series thus far, according to the Futurama executive:

But really, the challenges are episode-based. There’s much bigger, more ambitious episodes in these new batches. There’s not a lot of everybody sitting around the conference room table. I’m hoping fans will be really, really pleased with that."

Katz opined that these two differences were important as "some are not aware the show is coming back" and she hopes audiences are like, "What? Oh my god! That’s awesome" when they see what the team has put together:

“Some are not aware the show is coming back, and when we say that we’re doing new episodes, they’re like, ‘What? Oh my god! That’s awesome.’ We’ll see what happens and if we can break Hulu in the best possible way.”

How 'Ambitious' Can Futurama Get?

Of course, looking at these quotes from Claudia Katz, some may think little of these two differences she pointed out in Futurama Season 11. But they are actually a pretty big deal. 

Firstly, the series coming out in 4K is a game-changer. Just as was the case when the show made the jump from standard definition to high definition for Season 6, this upgraded fidelity will make the already stunning art shine even more. 

It is funny to think about, but animated titles making the 4K leap is almost more noticeable than traditional live-action content. The added visual detail really makes the colors pop and adds even more rigidity to the line work seen throughout this 2D world. 

As for this tease of "more ambitious" episodes headed for the series, this is a prospect that the Futurama faithful should get excited about. 

This is likely in reference to what seems to be the serialized story that is taking place across Season 11. While Futurama has had an ongoing story from episode to episode, it has largely been episodic as many adult animated series are. 

But, just as a series like South Park did back with its 20th Season in 2015, Futurama seems to be jumping into the deep end of serialized storytelling with this latest batch of episodes. 

Season 11 of Futurama continues on Hulu with new episodes dropping every Monday. 

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