The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos DLC Trailer Promises New Weapons, Quests & More

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The Outer Worlds , created by Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment, released in 2019 to mostly positive reviews. Players enjoyed Obsidian’s choice-based RPG elements, and many preferred its comparatively bite-sized narrative to other massive RPGs.

Since 2019, The Outer Worlds has been ported to the Nintendo Switch and received an expansion in the form of Peril on Gorgon . A new world, Gorgon, was introduced to the intergalactic game, so players were able to explore a new area and follow new quests.

The game is being updated even further, with its second and final expansion releasing next week.


In a blog post today, PlayStation announced Murder on Eridanos , the second and final expansion for The Outer Worlds . The expansion will release on March 17.

Game Director at Obsidian Entertainment Megan Starks noted that players will "solve who killed the renowned actress Halcyon Helen" in the expansion's story:

"Like we mentioned, the core of Murder on Eridanos is to solve a crime… and murder is just the beginning of what you will find. You will have to interrogate witnesses, learn about potential alibis, and argue who you believe is responsible. This also leads to some entertaining outcomes as it is up to you to decide what to do. Do you falsely accuse an innocent spectator? Do you present a poor case with lack of evidence? How will others respond? What happens if you try to convince people that you somehow are responsible for the murder? Yes, even that is possible!"

Starks also confirmed that new "perks and flaws, new scientific weapons, armor variants, and plenty of additional quests and choices" will be included in the expansion:

"Finally, it wouldn’t be an expansion for The Outer Worlds without additional perks and flaws, new scientific weapons, armor variants, and plenty of additional quests and choices to make along the way – so you will find those too in Murder on Eridanos. And while there is much to uncover, feel free to also stop and take a moment to appreciate the scenery, especially at corporate-approved scenic overlooks. Your adventure takes place at a luxury tourist destination run by the Rizzo corporation. This premiere locale consists of a collection of drifting islands being pulled through an ever-constant storm in the planet’s upper atmosphere. Our artists and designers did a great job in beautifully crafting this amazing setting, and we hope you enjoy it too."

The announcement trailer for the Murder on Eridanos can be viewed below:


The crux of Murder on Eridanos is, of course, a murder mystery story. What makes this story so unique is the sense of agency presented by The Outer Worlds . Like in other Obsidian RPGs, players are given immense control over their actions and the world around them. Starks mentions several choices players can make in this DLC – like convincing people that you are the guilty party. It will be interesting to hear about the variety of permutations that this story can undergo.

This new expansion, like Peril on Gorgon , will bring forth a new location for players to explore. Starks describes this new locale as “drifting islands being pulled through an ever-constant storm in the planet’s upper atmosphere.” This will surely add to the mystery aesthetic of the DLC, and its uniqueness marks yet another unusual destination in the Halcyon colony.

The Murder on Eridanos is confirmed to be the final major expansion for The Outer Worlds . With this in mind, it’s possible that work on a sequel is underway. Obsidian is currently working on Avowed , but perhaps the early stages of a sequel to The Outer Worlds are in the planning phases. Since the game sold better than its publisher, Take-Two, a sequel is entirely possible.

However, rumors have circulated about a potential sequel to Fallout: New Vegas releasing this decade, so Obsidian may return to the Fallout franchise at some point. With so many projects potentially in the works, Obsidian will surely release sequels to at least some of these beloved games.

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