New Uncharted Game and The Last of Us Remake Under Development at Naughty Dog

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2021 has sparked the launch of Sony and PlayStation's new long-term plan and, slowly but surely, the logistics are being revealed.

The PlayStation 5 saw a successful launch in November of last year, which tied closely with the launch of both the Xbox Series X and Series S on the other side of the wall. Both Xbox and PlayStation have conducted differentiating strategies for the future, spelling a potentially interesting few years for the gaming industry.

Xbox and Microsoft are hung up on Xbox Game Pass and its benefits, looking to get as many players signed up to their subscription service as possible. The hardware is no longer the integral piece of kit for gamers on the green band anymore, with X-Cloud looking to let players play their games wherever they want. Sony, however, seems to be looking towards the big screen and blockbuster experiences.

The studio hasn't been coy on their intentions to bring their franchises to movie and TV screens across the world, and the fast development of the HBO series starring Pedro Pascal is only further proof of this. This comes alongside the future release of Uncharted starring Tom Holland, set to release this July.

With Sony's transition to the big screen now well underway in development, a new report from Bloomberg has revealed some new information on two of PlayStation's most iconic franchises.


A report by Bloomberg has revealed that Naughty Dog is currently working on both a The Last of Us remake for PS5, and a brand-new installment for the Uncharted franchise.

According to the report, Sony original designated a brand-new team to create the remake of the 2013 masterpiece. However, after years of insufficient funds and support from the company, the project was eventually passed back over the games original creators Naughty Dog, the same studio currently developing the game's upcoming transition to HBO Max.

Bloomberg also revealed that a brand-new Uncharted title is also currently in development at Naughty Dog, with the studio now juggling multiple projects at once. Bend Studio was originally brought on board the project to assist Naughty Dog with the game.

However, after a number of developers felt that they may be absorbed by Naughty Dog itself, the studio's leadership requested to be taken off the project, with Bend now working on a title of their own.


Jason Schreier has clarified that he doesn't know if the new Uncharted game is still in development at Naughty Dog or not.


Both moves from Sony and Naughty Dog seem to be smart ones here, and it's clear to see that while their main focus may have shifted slightly, PlayStation's most iconic series will not be forgotten.

The Last of Us blew the gaming world apart when it released in 2013, taking gamers by storm with its impressive graphics and in-depth storytelling, rarely seen in the PS3 era at the time. It's unsurprising then that Sony would want the game to have a second run on their brand-new console, given the multiple new features the game would benefit from.

Not only would the game look even better, but load times would also be almost non-existent and the world-building would benefit from the DualSense's game-changing new Haptic Feedback features.

As for the Uncharted title, it's difficult to speculate as no new information has been revealed, other than that it's happening. The fact that Bend Studio had to request to be removed from the project due to worries from the development team doesn't exactly paint a great picture, potentially pointing towards less involvement from Naughty Dog themselves in the future title.

Whatever happens, however, fans will be delighted to know that Nathan Drake will be revisiting their consoles in the near future, in whatever capacity that may be. With The Last of Us also getting a new run both on HBO and in the form of a revival, the future looks promising at both Naughty Dog and PlayStation and time will tell what developments we may see from the studio next.

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