Marvel's Avengers: Kate Bishop DLC With Clint Barton Officially Announced

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Updated:
Kate Bishop, Hawkeye

Marvel's Avengers had its fair share of ups and downs after its launch last September. Running high from the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems that Marvel's Avengers was a win from the get-go, but it wasn't the smash hit that everyone expected.

From the numerous game-breaking bugs to repetitive missions (as some fans pointed out), these are just some of the complaints that hounded Marvel's Avengers ever since launch. Still, Crystal Dynamics assured players that more updates will soon arrive to lure fans back to the world of the Marvel-themed game.

And now, a new release has surfaced for Marvel's Avengers , providing fans with more reasons to play the game once more.


In a tweet, Marvel officially confirmed the arrival of Kate Bishop in Marvel's Avengers as its next DLC entitled "Marvel's Avengers: Kate Bishop - Taking AIM." Along with the reveal, a special war table presentation was released.

"Marvel's Avengers: Kate Bishop - Taking AIM" is set to be released on December 8, 2020.

In a separate breakdown , Sony shared even more in-depth details on how Kate Bishop fits in the world of Marvel's Avengers . It was revealed that Kate will be searching for her mentor, Clint Barton, while also uncovering an AIM-sized conspiracy in the form of the Super Adaptoid.

The breakdown also confirmed that Nick Fury will also be included in the narrative and it was hinted that time-travel will also play a part.

As for the gameplay, Sony bared that Kate will have her own "Heroics, Intrinsics, and Takedowns" to establish her unique skill set from the rest of the playable Avengers. The studio also confirmed that Kate will be using "repurposed AIM tech" that uses quantum energy to power her movements. On top of having a bow and arrow, the female Archer will also be wielding a sword "for a host of quick and agile sword attacks" against enemies.

Sony also confirmed that fans can also play Clint Barton "in early 2021" after finishing Kate's story.

After Kate’s story comes Clint’s story, both of which are intertwined with each other and each pieces of a larger puzzle. You’ll be able to play Clint Barton in early 2021!


Kate Bishop has long been teased as an additional character for Marvel's Avengers , and it's refreshing to see how the character is reimagined in a world where the Marvel superhero team is already established. The dedicated story arc of Bishop and Barton is expected to expand the lore surrounding Marvel's Avengers , especially after the captivating main story that first hooked fans.

Given the hint of time-travel and the use of the word "quantum," it's a safe bet that the Quantum Realm will be used in some form, bringing the game closer once more to its cinematic counterpart. Not only that, the added mystery of Nick Fury's disappearance should add further intrigue for the upcoming DLC.

The design of Kate provides a fresh new look at the character while also staying true to the aesthetic from the comics. If anything, this will further elevate the character in a surprising way while also hyping up the next live-action appearance of Bishop into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The arrival of Kate Bishop and Clint Barton into the world of Marvel's Avengers serves as a promising addition, but the question remains if these characters will be enough to attract players again. Hopefully, all will be revealed when the DLC launches next month.

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