GTA 6: Rumor Reveals Time Period of Grand Theft Auto 6

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Even for casual gamers, the name Grand Theft Auto rings a bell. The franchise certainly has a legacy, and likely lives in infamy amongst parents. That doesn't mean it isn't successful though, as the franchise is one of the biggest in all the gaming industry.

Being one of the most recognizable franchises in gaming, one would think that it wouldn't go nearly eight years without a new entry. Yet, it's already 2021, and there isn't a sequel in sight. Instead, Rockstar has leaned almost exclusively on their online components, only easing up to release Red Dead Redemption 2 five years later.

So when will the long awaited sixth entry to the GTA series arrive? No one knows, and there aren't very many signs to give fans any hints . It would seem that people would be satisfied to still be getting new ports of the game for every generation of new consoles––but clearly not. How ungrateful.

While it may still be a mystery when the game will release, there may be some details on when it will take place.


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According to a new rumor from industry insider Tom Henderson, Grand Theft Auto 6 will be set in modern day times, and not in the '80s.

Henderson has been behind a few recent GTA rumors before, including one teasing the first female main character in the franchise .


The '80s has been long rumored to be the time period for the sixth entry. A change like this would sure be something different for the franchise. Like it or not, though, it would seem that the prospect of an '80s adventure is all but dead.

It's really not all that surprising if this turns out to be true and the game is simply set in modern day times. It's the safest option by a long shot, and with how successful GTA 5 has been, taking risks may not be something that Rockstar wants to do. What would truly be surprising is if the game actually comes out any time soon.

Many people have not only wanted GTA 6 from Rockstar, but simply more games in general. Even something as big as a new IP would bring excitement. Sadly though, their output has remained low, and most of their attention focused on the monetary gold mine that is their online service. It's unlikely that this pattern will change , even when GTA 6 eventually releases.

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