Fall Guys: Xbox Announces Summer 2021 Release For Ultimate Knockout

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It was reported last month that the popular platformer Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout could be making its way to Xbox within the near future. A comment on the official Xbox Game Pass Instagram seemingly revealed that the title was coming to the subscription service “soon , ” however, this was later dismissed by both Devolver Digital and Fall Guys on Twitter, dispelling any confirmation for an Xbox release at the time.

Given the success of Microsoft's Game Pass service and its ability to fill a library full of AAA games while highlighting hidden indie-gems, it was a surprise to hear these rumors set aside.

With the game's season 3.5 currently taking place, and a Nintendo Switch version of the title confirmed at yesterday's Nintendo Direct event , Xbox players had begun to question whether the game would never make it to their consoles, but a recent post on Xbox Wire has settled these worries.


Xbox Wire revealed that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is making its way to Xbox this summer. The game is set to be available on Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox One, however, an official release date is yet to be confirmed.

Fall Guys' official Twitter account also confirmed the news with a short announcement video:


As The Direct stated last month, it seems as though Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout coming to Xbox was inevitable. Releasing in February of last year, the title's fast-paced and frustrating gameplay enticed players from all over the world, with everyone desperate to be the first to grab the crown. Mediatonic was on to a winner, but a lack of updates and new content meant the game lost its popularity quickly, and many players moved on to other titles such as Among Us .

It seems as though the original rumors of a Game Pass release have not disappeared, with no mention of the service within Xbox Wire's post . The game is currently priced at $19.99 on both the PlayStation Store and Steam, however, it is worth mentioning that the game is part of PS Plus, Sony's rival service to Game Pass.

Fall Guys' presence on PS Plus may have been the deciding factor when it came to how the game would release for Xbox, but no confirmation of a price has been confirmed as yet.

The game currently supports cross-platform between PC and PlayStation devices, but it is yet to be revealed how this will work with Nintendo Switch and Xbox devices. It's rare that a game is able to offer gameplay between every available device, and if Mediatonic is able to achieve this, friends and players may be able to link in up ways never seen before.

With the game set to hit Microsoft consoles at some point in summer 2021, Mediatonic will hope to build the excitement back up around their multiplayer platformer, with Xbox players set to experience the Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout hybrid for the first time.

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