Dwayne Johnson Joins Zendaya and 4 More Celebs In Exclusive Fortnite Club

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Dwayne Johnson and Zendaya, Fortnite

Did a movie even come out if it didn't have any representation in the hit video game Fortnite? The uber-popular online game has become more than just a competitive shooter, serving as a marketing machine for IP across genres and mediums. And Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam is only the most recent blockbuster to benefit from the Fortnite bump. 

Fans have become very accustomed to their favorite characters showing up in the Epic Games battle royale, with the likes of Moon Knight, Batman, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and so many more showing up as usable skins for players to take control of in the game.

Johnson's Black Adam character is only the latest to show up in the game, however, his appearance puts the actor in a pretty exclusive digital club. 

Dwayne Johnson Joins Fortnite's Two-Timer Club

Black Adam Fortnite

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam skin showing up in Fortnite has put the actor in some hallowed halls over at Epic Games. With the inclusion, he becomes one of only a few select names to appear in the game with two or more skins.

The Foundation Fortnite

Late last year it was revealed that The Rock was behind the in-universe Fortnite character known as The Foundation. This, along with Johnson's Black Adam look, marks two different times he has appeared in the title for two different reasons.

Tom Holland Fortnite

He joins the likes of Tom Holland (who has appeared as both Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Nathan Drake from Uncharted) and Zendaya (as MJ from Spider-Man and Dune's Chani) as the only other actors to have such an honor. 

Zendaya Fortnite

Others on the list include:

  • Ariana Grande - Ariana Grande, Spacefarer Ariana Grande
  • Marshmello - Marshmello, Marsha, Marshinobi
  • Travis Scott - Travis Scott, Astro Jack

The Rock Might Not be Done

While this is sort of a showcase of the breadth of Dwayne Johnson's work over the last couple of years, it is honestly a little surprising it took this long for something like this to happen. Johnson has more than his fair share of iconic movie roles, including working in franchises like The Fast and Furious, so the fact that another one of his movie characters has not already popped up on the Battle Bus is quite shocking. 

Plus, he is The Rock! Is that not reason enough for him to have his own skin? John Cena is in the game as himself, so why not Johnson as well? 

As is likely the case with Holland and Zendaya, this will probably not be the last time the actor shows up in Fortnite. So while it is exciting to see him join this list of colorful personalities, do not be too surprised if he is back for more in the not-too-distant future. 

Black Adam can be seen in theaters starting Friday, October 21.

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