BioWare's Dragon Age 4: New Trailer Shown Off at The Game Awards

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It has been more than six years since the last installment in the Dragon Age series, and fans have been itching to get back in the driver's seat of another BioWare fantasy adventure. BioWare has been in the hot seat as of late, with a lukewarm response to their last few games and a couple of key members of the studio departing just weeks ago, but the next Dragon Age game has served as a beacon of hope for gamers.

Dragon Age 4 was teased earlier this year at Gamescom with a behind the scenes trailer , and a full showcase of the game had been hinted to debut at this year's Game Awards.


A new trailer for BioWare's latest fantasy RPG simply titled Dragon Age premiered as a part of The Game Awards 2020. The full trailer can be seen below:


While it is exciting to finally be getting some info on the next installment in the Dragon Age saga, fans should temper their expectations just a bit. It has only just about been two years since BioWare's last game Anthem , a game in which they are still working on reviving. Now it is all but certain that Dragon Age is being made by an entirely separate team within BioWare, but gamers should not expect this game soon.

The game was initially hinted at back in 2018, so the studio should be deep into development at this point two years later. But with the news from just a couple of weeks ago of Mark Darrah, the executive producer on this project departing the studio, things may not be running as smoothly as BioWare would lead on. Someone this closely involved in the creative process leaving is never a sign that a game's release is at all imminent.

It would be exciting to see Dragon Age come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2021; however, the likelihood of that happening seems slim.

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