Dragon Age 4: New Concept Art Revealed Ahead of The Game Awards Announcement

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Dragon Age

After several years since its announcement, the upcoming Dragon Age sequel, set to arrive exclusively on next-gen consoles, hasn't shown many updates to fans. It has been fairly public knowledge that the title, currently just known as Dragon Age 4 , has experienced numerous behind-the-scenes development problems and changes. The sequel started off development in 2015 as a smaller scale narrative focussed title. However, following issues with some of the publisher's other titles — including Anthem and Mass Effect Andromeda — it transitioned into a live-service title based on the concepts set out in EA's attempt to replicate the success of Destiny .

Outrage was sparked among fans earlier in the year when the EA Play Live summer showcase strangely left the title totally out of its showcase. However, a behind the scenes look at the highly anticipated title was later revealed as a part of the Gamescom Opening Night live presentation in August. During the Q2 2020 EA fiscal report, the publisher confirmed it was unlikely for the title to release before April 2022, so fans still have some time to wait.

After all we've heard about the title, no real in-game footage of the next-gen title has been shown, yet it looks like that's all about to change in just a few days time...


An announcement made by Geoff Keighley — video game journalist and The Game Awards host — on his Twitter page has confirmed that as a part of awards show on December 10, a special new look at the upcoming Dragon Age sequel will be shown. The announcement was shared alongside a new concept art image teasing the title.

The news comes as earlier in the week saw two key members of the Bioware team working on Dragon Age — executive producer, Mark Darrah, and general manager, Casey Hudson — depart the studio in a shock announcement .


A further look at the long-awaited sequel has been a long time coming now, after only small teases at previous events, it's safe to say fans are due a proper look at the title. It's unknown as of now exactly what this tease will be - whether it be a gameplay or simply a story focused trailer. Either way, the trailer is likely to indicate exactly what this title is. It was at a Game Awards show the new Dragon Age game was initially announced, so it seems fitting to return to the show to give a deeper dive.

The untitled Dragon Age sequel is currently set to arrive exclusively on next-gen consoles and PC in 2022.

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