Call of Duty Reveals Jungle Zombie Action In 'Firebase Z' Trailer For Black Ops: Cold War

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Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z

After several months of patient waiting from the Call of Duty zombies community, February 4 will see the release of Black Ops Cold War's second zombies map, Firebase Z . The map will take place in a Cold War Vietnam jungle on Omega group Outpost 25 with a Dark Aether portal to a Vietnamese village.

Very few official looks have been shown for the map — with most of the marketing having been comprised of cryptic image teasers hinting towards the next chapter of the ongoing Dark Aether storyline. Despite this, a series of leaks having surfaced this week providing various brief looks at Firebase Z , including the brand-new Tombstone perk machine — which will be included with the upcoming update for use on all zombies maps.

For the first time ever, Call of Duty has given more players than ever access to the newest zombies offerings with Black Ops Cold War , by releasing all DLC maps free for everyone via updates.


As was previously confirmed yesterday, Treyarch has released the first official trailer for Black Ops Cold War's latest zombies content offering, Firebase Z — set in the jungles of Vietnam.


Zombies players have been craving a new map for a while. Black Ops Cold War became the first Call of Duty title since World at War (2008) to launch with only one map on disc.

While Die Maschine clearly played it safe with a simplistic map designed to appeal to casual players, Firebase Z seems to showcase a deeper and more involved experience that is sure to satisfy the hardcore community. The trailer confirms the map will be split across two Vietnamese settings connected by a Dark Aether portal, these being the Omega group Outpost 25 base, and a Vietnam village — inspired by an area from the Fractured Jaw campaign mission.

It appears as if the map is set to bring multiple new characters into the storyline as we rescue Samantha Maxis from Omega group's capture, and are introduced to her Omega contact, Ravenov.

Additionally, the trailer seems to showcase a huge variety of other features fans can look forward to on February 4, including jump pads, new bosses, and an insane new wonder weapon to shred the undead with.

Firebase Z will release for free for all Black Ops Cold War players on February 4 with a new update — one that will also include the return of Black Ops 2 multiplayer map, Express.

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