Call of Duty: Treyarch Offers New Details on Nuketown '84 Map With Black Ops Cold War Video

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Call of Duty Soldiers in Nuketown

It is hard to believe time has flown by so quickly, but Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is already coming up on the second week of its pre-season (the period before the release of its first season on December 10). With that, is coming a brand new multiplayer map: Nuketown '84. This is a brand new reinvention of the iconic fan favorite map, Nuketown, that has appeared in every Black Ops game for the last ten years. The map will be releasing free for everyone on November 24, through a new in-game update.

Due to several glitches on the PC version of the game, some crafty players have already managed to load and play the map early to complete the newest iteration of the infamous Nuketown mannequin Easter egg. The Easter egg has been a tradition for every version of Nuketown, in which shooting off every mannequin head of the map rewards the player with a special in game visual event, such as playing a song, allowing you to play a classic Atari game, bringing the mannequins to life, and even launching a nuclear missile. The Easter egg in this game has been shown to give the player a special 80s themed neon vision to match the Cold War 80s aesthetic of the game.


Prior to the official release of the map tomorrow, Treyarch have released a behind-the-scenes video from their Creative Specialist Miles Leslie on what to expect when the map releases.


While not ground-breaking, the interview provides some interesting new tidbits of information of the design philosophy on the newest iteration of a fan favourite map.

This version of the map will be taking place at the height of the nuclear threat of the Cold War on a sister site to the original Nuketown found in Black Ops (2010). Nuketown has been totally redesigned to fit the aesthetic of a decommissioned site in the 80s where travellers come to escape and have made the town their own - even the mannequins have got themselves a new wardrobe! Every part of the map's design has been kept true to the original, while completely redesigning the aesthetic to fit the zany 80s feel.

Many view this as a much needed addition for the game, due to the comparatively low number of launch maps in this games multiplayer compared to previous entries in the Call of Duty series. Cold War only has eight maps, whereas last year's hit title Modern Warfare brought ten on day one. In classic Call of Duty fashion, a new map - especially a fan favourite - is sure to spark some new life into the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC via the launcher. The Nuketown '84 update will be available on all platforms November 24.

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