Marvel's Avengers Reveals Official New Look at Endgame Hulk Suit

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There have been a multitude of exciting updates for Marvel's Avengers recently. From the rolling out of content drops, to changes to the XP system and rumors about incoming cosmetic items.


Play Avenger’s Twitter account has now confirmed the latest addition to the game. A new Hulk skin will be available on the marketplace on May 20 for Marvel's Avengers. They tweeted that this outfit is “inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hulk’s Marvel Studios’ "Avengers: Endgame" Outfit shows a time when Bruce and Hulk were as one.”

Marvel's Avengers Hulk Endgame Skin
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This will come as welcome news to players of the live-service game. However, this outfit did leak last month, so an announcement seemed only imminent. Nevertheless, Crystal Dynamics are keeping good to their word. Given the troubled history of this game, this will hopefully win back a few players ahead of the more significant additions to the game rolling out in the future.

Last month, fans leaked the news of this outfit ahead of time. Multiple gamers tweeted an image of a start-up screen for the game showing Professor Hulk in this outfit. Other pictures and leaks soon followed, including a video showing Hulk moving in this outfit. This further validated the leak and rumors that it would soon become an official cosmetic item. Indeed, the leak has now been confirmed, and the outfit will be available on the marketplace on May 20.

This follows on from the Square Enix Presents that took place in late March, and three months into the 2021 roadmap that was announced at the event. A steady flow of new content is no doubt a priority for developers to keep players engaged. Marvel's Avengers suffered a troubled start and the loss of 96% of PC players, with many citing a lack of content, and that which was released riddled with bugs and glitches that required fixing. Considering this, it is no doubt a priority for developers to release more content, and the roadmap was promising to help excite players both old and new.

Though the release of the Professor Hulk skin may seem small, it is still a welcome addition to the game. It also shows a studio willing to work on the game in big and small ways, offering new cosmetics alongside larger DLC packages to help gameplay feel refreshing and engaging a year after Marvel's Avengers launched. Alongside the rest of the 2021 content roadmap, which promises at least another three additions, ranging from the Red Room Takeover event which took place earlier in Spring, to a substantive War for Wakanda expansion.

It also illustrates a commitment to updating the game in smaller ways, such as post-level 50 progression and adjustments to the matchmaking system. The Endgame-inspired Professor Hulk outfit launching on May 20 is part of these wider improvements, and there is plenty for Marvel's Avengers players to look forward to in 2021 and beyond.

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