Alienware Announces Gaming Contest Featuring Fortnite, Valorant & More, Including $400K Prize Pool

By Liam Crowley Posted:

Pancakes and syrup. Peanut butter and jelly. Competitive gaming and tournaments. Some things are just better together. 

Gaming tournaments are bringing Esports to new heights year after year. While most contests specialize in one game or one style, Alienware is gathering four of the most popular games for one epic encounter.


The 2021 Alienware Games is bringing the Mount Rushmore of titles together. 

FortniteValorantLeague of Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege will headline this year's Alienware Games, a tournament exclusive to US residents only. Victory royales, aces, quadra kills, and recorded assists will earn players varying levels of points as they climb the leaderboard towards the Grand Championship. 

Beginning on August 27 and concluding on October 23, this year's Alienware Games will be a two-month marathon for players as they inch closer to the live Finale. Even professional athletes, popular gaming influencers, and celebrities will be joining in for the challenges. 


The qualifying period will run for six weeks from Friday, August 27 until Thursday, October 7. 

Each individual week will host its own contest within FortniteValorantLeague of Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege, with the first-place player from each game’s leaderboard advancing to the semi-finals. Not all is lost for those who place second and third, however, as the final "wild card" week of qualifiers will see each game's full podium advance to semis. 

At the end of six weeks, eight players from each game will advance to the semi-finals, totaling 32 players. Regardless of how the semis play out, each of the qualified players will walk away with a new Alienware x15 Laptop


Thumbs will get a week of rest before the Alienware Games Semi-Finals begin on Friday, October 15. 

The 32 qualified players will be randomly drawn into groups of four, each complete with two representatives from each game. From there, every player will compete in small tournaments for FortniteValorantLeague of Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege within their group. 

Once the top two from each group emerge, the live Finale is set. 


Lucky for all eight finalists, every player will walk away with prize money, but only one victor will be crowned the 2021 Alienware Games Grand Champion. 

Saturday, October 23 sets the stage for the 2021 Alienware Games Finale, broadcast live on Alienwares Twitch Channel and hosted by Adam Savage with on-air shoutcasters Fallout and JacobMvPr giving detailed and entertaining play-by-plays.

Just as the Semi-finals operated, each of the eight finalists will be pitted against each other in every gaming title. Whoever has the best placement average across all four titles will not just be crowned the 2021 Alienware Games Grand Champion, but will walk away with $15,000 in prize money! The runner-up will be awarded $10,000, third-place receives $7,500, fourth-place earns $5,000, 5th-8th gets $2,500 each, and all Semi-Qualifiers that didn’t advance to the finale will each take in $1,000 apiece. 

Let the Alienware Games begin on August 27!  Click HERE to join & learn more!

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