Xbox Marketing Head Really Wants Tesla-Halo Collaboration

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Tesla Halo Warthog

343 Industries seemed to have everything planned out this time last year. The release of Halo Infinite was tied in with the exciting launch of Microsoft's new consoles, Xbox Series X and S, with the game promising to bring fans back and take Halo back to its roots.

Now though, the game is still yet to hit shelves, with multiple delays dampening the project's impact. A disappointing gameplay reveal back in July highlighted a number of problems, most notably the lack of graphical improvements, and the developer now seems keen to take their time with the game. While we are yet to receive a release date. 343 Industries has promised monthly updates on their work.

With fans scrambling for information on the game, a series of tweets involving none other than Elon Musk has sparked an interesting new debate.


In a series of posts on Twitter , General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft Aaron Greenberg has expressed his desire for a future collaboration between Halo and Tesla.

Greenberg's first tweet came as a reply to a post from Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, who responded “ Only Halo ” when asked which console games he had played.

Greenberg then clarified his tweet, stating that while it may be a dream of his, “ maybe something in the future could happen .”


While at first glance, the potential of a Halo based vehicle created by Tesla may seem out of the ordinary, it wouldn't be all that surprising given some of Elon Musk's other projects.

Tesla has prided itself on separating their business from other car manufacturers, being able to generate entirely new ideas and bring them to life, I'm looking at you Cybertruck, so the dream of a drivable Warthog for consumers may not be out of the realm of possibility. Given the huge fan base the franchise has managed to accumulate over the years, demand for the vehicle would be sure to suffice costs, so Musk and 343 may indeed be tempted to explore the idea.

This concept could open the door for other huge collaborations as well. Fans over the years have had their fair share of attempts at recreating iconic vehicles in real life, but with a company such as Tesla behind the wheel, the potential here is staggering. Who knows, upon release, we may see a Model X available within Halo Infinite.

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