Xbox Director Teases Multiple Unannounced Xbox Titles Releasing This Year

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2021 is a big year for Microsoft and Xbox, and the people in charge seem intent on making the year a success.

Following the launch of next-generation consoles Xbox Series X and Series S, plans have been put in place to map out the next few years on Xbox. The widely successful Game Pass service has had continuous improvements, most recently gaining the addition of EA Play to its ranks and bringing huge titles such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and NBA 2K21 to the subscription service.

Microsoft went one step further last September, announcing the planned purchase of ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Studios, for a reported $7.5 billion. With the deal now approved by The European Commission , Xbox will have its eyes set on the future exclusive potentials for their system, and a number of titles set to release this year have reportedly not been announced yet.


Microsoft’s Director of Program Management for Xbox, Jason Ronald, revealed that a number of unannounced titles are coming to Xbox later this year.

Speaking on the most recent episode of the Iron Lord's Podcast , Ronald was questioned for his most anticipated game of 2021, to which he replied “ Not all games that are releasing this year have been announced."

The full podcast can be seen below, with Ronald's response to the question coming just after the two-hour mark.


Jason Ronald's comments should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt, given that no concrete information was shared surrounding what games players can expect to see this year, but speculation has already begun.

With nine months left of the year, it seems surprising that Xbox would refrain from announcing a title set to release in 2021 until now. The lack of build-up would potentially hint toward the game being on the smaller side, but Ronald's excitement when answering seems to say otherwise.

A number of notable titles were missing from Xbox Wire's published list of console exclusives for 2021 , including the highly anticipated Fable 4 and Avowed. Both of these were announced last July, and with no release currently tied to either game, it's possible an announcement from Xbox will be unveiled in the near future.

The completion of the Bethesda/ZeniMax deal may also trigger a response from the company as well, with Microsoft potentially putting a halt on any announcements until official confirmation was received. A new Wolfenstein entry has also been placed high on a number of fans list, as well as Forza Horizon 5 .

Either way, the clarification that more games will be added to the Xbox library in 2021 will be sure to excite fans. Microsoft has a long way to go if they have any chance of matching the exclusive line-up present on PlayStation consoles, but the excitement will continue to build for what could be next on Series X/S.

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