Is PlayStation Making a Streaming Service? Leaked Announcement Teases PS Video Pass

By Jack Martin Posted:

PlayStation’s subscription services have run the gamut from positive to negative reactions from fans. On one hand, PlayStation Plus has recently provided high-quality games like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Days Gone .

On the other hand, PlayStation Now has been criticized largely due to its shortcomings compared to Xbox Game Pass, its most direct competitor. Recently, however, rumors point to a potential Game Pass-like service for PlayStation .

PlayStation is clearly looking to flesh out its subscription services, and it seems like a video component might be on the way.


PlayStation Plus Video Pass

A logo for PlayStation Plus Video Pass was accidentally published on Sony’s Polish website, as reported by Video Games Chronicle. The logo was quickly removed from the site.

The logo was accompanied by a description of the supposed service, which detailed it as "a trial service:"

“A new benefit available for a limited time on PlayStation Plus… PS Plus Video Pass is a trial service active [April 22, 2021]  – [April 22, 2022]. The subscription benefit is available to PS Plus users in Poland.”

As of this reporting, PlayStation hasn’t confirmed the existence of or provided any further information about PlayStation Plus Video Pass.

Given the date of April 22, it’s possible that an official announcement for the service will happen soon.


From the title of the service, it seems that PlayStation is looking to venture into the video streaming service market. It’s interesting that the service is tied to PlayStation Plus, the pre-existing service that offers access to multiplayer games and provides free games each month. Perhaps the video service will be offered for an additional fee and provide a library of movies and television shows for its subscribers.

This wouldn’t be the first video service carrying the PlayStation name. PlayStation Vue combined live TV and on-demand offerings for its subscribers from 2015 until its closure in 2020. Given the relative failure of that service, PlayStation appears to be giving video streaming a second chance.

It’s unclear now what PlayStation Plus Video Pass will actually look like, but the service could potentially leverage Sony Pictures’ offerings for a substantial lineup of movies and television shows. Several Spider-Man films and other Columbia Pictures movies could bolster the catalog of the video service.

With several companies venturing out to make their own video services, it looks like Sony could be using the PlayStation name to make its own service.

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