Marvel’s The Avengers Shares New Kate Bishop Image, Announces Upcoming Video

By Russ Milheim Posted:
Kate Bishop, Marvel's Avenger's logo, Kate Bishop

Marvel’s The Avengers , Square Enix’ most recent game, has certainly made headlines since its release. The new Marvel based Games-as-a-Service title has experienced many problems since its launch. From releasing in a broken state, to being filled with repetitive content, and plagued with a severe content drought—people are already comparing it to Anthem ’s disastrous launch.

The game is losing players at an alarming rate. As of November, The Avengers had lost a whopping 96% of their player count, averaging only 752 players online at a time. It was even reported that the publisher has lost upwards of $62 million , due to the game not meeting expeditions at and following launch. Square Enix hasn’t tossed in the towel just yet though.


Square Enix has announced, through their social media, that they will be dropping a new War Table Deep Dive video on November 19th at 8AM. This video, which will be pre-recorded and uploaded, will focus on Kate Bishop’s story and move set.


Kate Bishop was originally scheduled for an October launch. Her launch would have been preceded by a new Endgame mission type in Cloning Labs, and then followed by Hawkeye in November. That has yet to happen, with it all being delayed so that the team could focus on fixing thousands of bugs alongside other QoL improvements.

It's great to finally know when the community will be seeing details for Kate and her content release—even if it is two months later than we expected. Communication from the developers hasn’t been great as of late. Word on new content has been little to none recently, with this being the first major movement on that front in a long while. All that has been given to the community are empty promises and meaningless game session live streams.

On top of Kate Bishop, there is plenty more that may be talked about during this War Table Deep Dive. Will they show anything about Black Panther and the rumored Wakanda raid? Maybe a tease for Hawkeye, the next-in-line playable character. Perhaps even a look at other speculated heroes such as Bucky, War Machine, or She-Hulk. At the very least, hopefully this new War Table is a sign that The Avengers ’ post launch plans can finally get back on track.

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