Loki Director Campaigns to Helm Netflix's Upcoming Bioshock Movie

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The idea of a Bioshock movie has floated in the ether for more than a decade at this point. Since shortly after the first game launched in 2007, talk of a Hollywood adaption has been in the air multiple times with various filmmakers wanting to take on the underwater world of Rapture. The original game is heralded as one of the most movie-ready-made titles of the medium but most efforts saw little movement. 

Well, all that has changed as Netflix announced that - alongside 2K/Take-Two - it will develop a live-action film version of the franchise. No director or writer has been attached to the project at the streamer, and not much is known about the adaption other than the tidbit that the Big N wants to make it into a cinematic universe. 

Now the search begins for who will helm the Bioshock movie, and a voice familiar to MCU fans has spoken up. 

Who Will Direct Netflix's Bioshock?


After the announcement of Netflix's Bioshock movie, Loki director Kate Herron tweeted she wants to be a part of the big-screen video game adaption. 

Herron replied to the Netflix announcement tweet indicating her "[throwing her] hat in [the] ring:"

She followed this up by retweeting her reply quoting Billy Zane from Titanic saying "A real man makes his own luck:"


Would You Kindly Direct the Bioshock Movie

The world loves someone shooting their shot, and after Loki's success, Herron might actually be the perfect match for something like a Bioshock adaption. 

The Bioshock franchise is all about an extreme fish out of water experience, something that Herron proved she can do swimmingly with last year's Loki series on Disney+

How different really is Loki being stranded in the TVA ruled over by an all-knowing being in He Who Remains to Jack from Bioshock discovering Rapture, the city built by mad objectivist Andrew Ryan? They are two stories that, though very different, do share some similar themes. 

So if Netflix were to give Herron a shot or at least, begin her aboard in some capacity, she has proven she can do this. Plus, she seems enthusiastic about the source material, so it feels like a match made in heaven. 

Netflix, give Kate a shot at Bioshock!

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