It has been two weeks since Ubisoft's latest open world action game Immortals Fenyx Rising released on current and next-gen consoles. Immortals was announced last year as Gods and Monsters and looked to be Ubisoft's take on the Breath of the Wild formula, featuring a completely open world where players are given the chance to take on challenges in any order they please.

The game was rerevealed this past summer as Immortals Fenyx Rising, showcasing a cartoony art style and featuring the gods and mythos of Ancient Greece. The game came out to mostly positive reviews and rumors of what's next for the game have been swirling since the game's release. 


An Adventure Time crossover has been announced as DLC for Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising. A tweet posted today on the game's official Twitter account says the Adventure Time Character Pack features Adventure Time protagonist Finn's iconic outfit, a rainbow unicorn and a Jake the Dog companion. 

The Adventure Time Character Pack is available now on all platforms. 



It is very exciting that Immortals Fenyx Rising seems to be getting the love from Ubisoft that the developer's other open world games do. Immortals was first pitched as a more family friendly Assassin's Creed, and a partnership with an IP such as Adventure Time seems like the perfect match.

Now Ubisoft has never been shy when it comes to DLC in their games, but as to how much post-launch content we can expect to see for Immortals is still up in the air. The game has not lit the world on fire in the few weeks it has been out in the wild. And one can imagine that this Adventure Time deal was done long before the game hit store shelves. So this DLC release could be a sign of what is to come, but it also shouldn't be the thing fans hang their hat on in terms of Ubisoft's plans for this game. 

Come February, Immortals Fenyx Rising will have either continued to get multiple DLC packs, or it will have gotten nothing after this initial pack. By then, fans will know just how Ubisoft feels about this latest release.