Final Fantasy VII Remake: New Trademarks Hint at Future Content

By Alycia Leach Updated:
Sephiroth and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII stand back to back among flames

Three new trademarks have been made publicly available in Japan, and all of them seem to tie-into Final Fantasy VII . It appears that Square Enix is laying the groundwork for new content, although little else is known about the new names...


As of December 17, 2020, "Ever Crisis" and "The First Soldier", referring to Sephiroth, have both been trademarked by Square Enix. The "Shinra Electric Power Company" logo, an organization in the world of Final Fantasy VII , has also been trademarked.


All three of these trademarks tie-into the world of Final Fantasy VII . As the original Final Fantasy VII included a host of peripheral content that extended the characters and story, something similar may be coming for fans of the Remake, too. The Final Fantasy VII Remake is considered the start of a brand-new journey and has seen enormous success since its release last spring. It seems logical that Square Enix would want to capitalize on this success and release more content a year after the Remake's release.

Interestingly, the trademark "Ever Crisis" seems to resemble previously released titles that extended the original 1997 release story.

Most significantly, the 2007 PSP-game, "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII". Crisis Core served as a prequel to the original game that helped extend the story of Final Fantasy VII's central character, Cloud Strife. However, it focussed on the journey of Zack Fair. Like Cloud, he was a First-Class Soldier , a member of the Shinra Electric Power Company's elite fighting force.

Fans of the Remake will know that Zack Fair has a brief appearance towards the game's end. He carries Cloud to Midgar, putting into motion the events of Final Fantasy VII. Given his connection to Sephiroth and Shinra in Crisis Core , Square Enix could be gearing up to explore Zack Fair in future material once again. Indeed, all three of the trademarks seem to resemble the story told by Crisis Core.

Whatever the case may be, the future is bright for Final Fantasy VII Remake fans, only time will tell what is next for the franchise.

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