Death Stranding Developer Kojima Productions Set To Announce New Game Soon

By Joshua Morgan Posted:
Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has always resided on the 'interesting' side of the video-gaming world.

Mastermind of the iconic Metal Gear Solid series, Kojima has consistently impressed his fans with his ability to create unique and wonderful stories while ensuring the integrity of gaming's main core stays true. When Death Stranding released in late 2019, however, a debate was sparked across the entire community.

The game focused on one main factor, travel. The player was regularly tasked with taking an item from point A to point B, traversing across difficult and slippy terrain along the way. While the story did offer some redeeming factors to players, such as starring The Walking Dead' s Norman Reedus as the game's main playable character to bring a true sense of realism to Kojima's newest release, many couldn't move past the game's monotonous gameplay style.

Since Death Stranding 's release, however, Kojima has gone quiet, with only a few small rumors floating around any future releases from his company Kojima Productions.

A new interview with Al Hub , though, has shed some light on a future release for the gaming genius.


Studio Art Director for Kojima Productions Yoji Shinkawa revealed in an interview with Al Hub that the developer is gearing up for a new title announcement in the future.

When questioned surrounding sharing any details around future developments for the company, Shinkawa responded with “ Well yeah, I am doing something, for sure, and I could tell you probably that we can announce it quite soon.

This news comes after Kojima Productions opened up 25 new positions at the company in preparation for a new project in October 2020, with the studio looking for “ the best-in-class talent” to join them at tits Tokyo base.

The full interview with Al Hub can be seen below:


Death Stranding took the gaming world by storm, and it seems as though whatever is next from Kojima is set to do exactly the same.

The Metal Gear creator has regularly kept fans updated with his status on games, refusing to keep players out of the loop. He revealed that a major project in development was canceled last year, set to be lead by Kojima, as well as stating on his Twitter page that he was working on a new title for an upcoming game.

Norman Reedus hasn't been coy on his partnership with Kojima either, claiming that he was 'in talks' for another project with the Death Stranding developer. The pair seemed to have struck up a good relationship, and it wouldn't be surprising to see the two linking up again on a future title. “ We did Death Stranding, which was a huge hit, and we’re in talks to do other stuff, ” stated Reedus back last June , so keep an eye out for a reappearance at some point soon.

What the game will be is the interesting question on everyone's lips. The failed reboot of Silent Hill (aka P.T) and Kojima's obsession with horror movies seem to point toward a dark future for the company, but it's difficult to guess what could be next from the developer.

Nobody saw Death Stranding coming before its announcement, so fans will be waiting patiently to see the next release from Kojima and Shinkawa.

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