Cyberpunk 2077 Poll Reveals Which Character Lifepath Fans Are Most Excited For

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With only days left until Cyberpunk 2077 's release, fans are understandably excited for the futuristic action RPG. Initial sales mirror this excitement, with more fans having preordered the game than even The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt , CD Projekt Red's previous game.

Even so, the pre-launch cycle has been a bit bumpy, with multiple delays, copies of the game circulating early, and even gameplay leaks from the main campaign.

Expanding upon The Witcher , Cyberpunk 2077 promises engaging first-person gameplay, a deep open-world, and a considerable amount of character customization. A big part of the customization offered in the game comes by way of the lifepath system.

This system allows players to explore the story and world of Cyberpunk 2077 from different backgrounds, starting the game as a Nomad, Street Kid, or Corpo. These lifepaths won't only form the basis of the main character's backstory, but also which quests are available and how your character interacts with the world.


As the release of Cyberpunk 2077 comes ever closer, fans are gearing up for the game's official launch. As a part of this fan-excitement, some have taken to counting down to December 10, the game's release date. To celebrate and talk about the game, one account posted a poll asking fans which lifepath they were most excited for.

The poll garnered over 85,000 votes with pretty even results. In the end Street Kid took the win with a slim lead of 37.4%, followed by Nomad (33.5%) and then Corpo (29%).

The poll itself can be seen below.


While the tweet itself doesn't supply any new information, it is interesting to see how fans are planning on playing the game. With the vote pretty even among the three possible lifpaths, it seems that CD Projekt Red has done a good job of promoting the merits of each life path. These lifepaths also ensure the game will be quite replayable, with multiple ways to experience the story, characters and world.

The experiences promised by each lifepath seem quite interesting and diverse. The popular Street Kid lifepath has players dealing with the criminal underbelly of Night City, the game's setting. Corpo sees V, the main character, deal with power struggles in the highest echelons of the city's corporate structure. Finally, Nomad focuses on what lies outside of the city itself.

No matter which lifepath players choose, the game seems like it will offer quite an immersive and engaging experience for players to dive into when the game releases on Thursday, December 10.

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