Battlefield: Upcoming Game In the Works at DICE LA Studio

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During their annual earnings call last week, Electronic Arts announced that a new Battlefield title is set to release this holiday , with the specific game set to be revealed this spring. The next entry for the franchise is primed to take full advantage of the recently released Playstation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, with DICE able to ramp up their already impressive map elements.

Given that we have not seen a release in the series since 2018, fans are expecting big things for the next game. However, a recent thread of tweets has shined some light on who is set to take control of the game.


Justin Wiebe, Senior Design Director at DICE LA, has confirmed on his official Twitter account that he is “ thrilled ” to be working on the upcoming Battlefield title.

After clarifying a number of incorrect guesses, including the upcoming Skate title , Weibe revealed that DICE LA will be working on the next installment for the Battlefield series.


While no concrete information is available surrounding the upcoming release, the next Battlefield promises to be a step up. With up to 128-player support currently being rumored, the next-generation consoles will allow EA to push the boundaries even more, improving on their already successful systems.

The interesting thing to note, however, is whether DICE LA is indeed working on the already announced Battlefield title or a separate game completely. DICE Sweden have already confirmed that they are working on the untitled release, so it's possible that some work may be handled by their sister company. It's unlikely that a second game is under development, given the number of announcements EA has made within the last few months, including the revival of NCAA Football .

Even more interestingly, Respawn announced the takeover of DICE LA early last year, with a name change set to be in the cards. Over a year after this announcement, DICE LA is seemingly still standing, and now looks set to work on some kind of Battlefield title. The developer has previously worked on DLC for the previous games, so it's likely a head start is being made on future content for the game. Either way, with multiple studios set to work on the future for the franchise, the next release looks to be a promising one.

The untitled Battlefield game is set to be revealed this spring, with a holiday release date currently penciled in.

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