Trey Tobias

MCU Writer

Trey is a writer for The Direct who has been watching superhero films his entire life. Trey recently graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a film and television degree and hopes to one day write a script for Marvel or DC. For now, he can be found re-watching The Avengers, and writing articles for The Direct.

Favorite MCU Movie: The Avengers

Aside from being a pivotal milestone for the MCU, proving to everyone that a shared cinematic universe could work, The Avengers is a fantastically fun film. With an airtight script that featured really fun character interactions and one of the most exciting final act battles in any superhero film, this movie is nothing short of iconic. This was the movie that made Trey realize how lucky he was to be a fan of the MCU, and there was no turning back from there.

Favorite MCU Character: Doctor Strange

The Sorceror Supreme. Master of the Mystic Arts. The owner of a broken watch because it's a metaphor. Doctor Strange represents limitless possibilities. With the powers he has, the worlds he has access to, and the knowledge he's studied, you can never be sure what exciting tricks this wizard will pull out of his sleeve next.

Why Trey Joined The Direct:

Trey joined because he's really passionate about writing, and he's a huge fan of the MCU, so wanting to write for a website like The Direct was a no-brainer. Trey is excited to gain more experience and put his obsessive knowledge of the MCU to good use alongside a team of really cool and talented people.

Trey's Articles

Trey's Thoughts

- I'm not sure how serious the actor was being about him being Taskmaster, it seems like he was largely joking around, but who knows! Not us! Not for another six months! Either way I'm a huge fan of the actor and I can't wait to see his full role in the film.

- I love this unused Winter Soldier design! Though the look we got in the final film looks great, I do think this would have been much more visually interesting. Keep dropping these crazy alternate looks, concept artists! I want to see them all!

- I thought Sonny Burch was a really fun part of Ant-Man and the Wasp! I'm excited to see if Peyton Reed has anything more planned for him, and whatever other surprises the director has hiding up his sleeves. And yes, that was a close-up magic joke.

- I love seeing unused character designs, and this one was very interesting. I was surprised to see they almost had a much more traditional War Machine look, and as the Iron Patriot armor never really sat well with me, I think I would have preferred something like this. It's just so sleek and cool!

- It would be cool to see a bit of the history of Thanos in The Eternals for a cameo or something like that, but as far as anything more substantial, I think they should leave the character be for awhile. Though if Marvel reveals they've found a compelling way to bring the character back for a future film, well who am I to disagree with them?

- I have to admit, the only experience I've had with Moon Knight is through Marvel's Ultimate Alliance video game, but he was still such a cool and interesting character to play as, especially when put next to the other Avengers. So I am very excited to see this series!

- I'm glad to hear that not only is work continuing on a Disney+ show that I'm very excited for, but that some animators and series productions are able to continue working during all of this. I have no doubt they're doing fantastic stuff on this show, and I cannot wait to find out all the fun twists they have in store for us!

- I really love watching and hearing about alternate scenes to Marvel films. This one was always super interesting to me, and I'm glad a lot of fans are getting the chance to watch it for the first time!

- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is one of my favorite Marvel movies, and I really enjoy hearing James Gunn share insider information about the film. As much as I would have loved to see the line, I'm not surprised it wasn't included in the final film, but it is fun to hear that they entertained the idea for so long.

- I follow a lot of Marvel concept artists on Instagram, and I love when they share looks at projects they've worked on in the past. This poster looks really cool, and has so many great details to look for. I think I've found my new phone wallpaper.

- I love that Marvel has brought in a new voice for the Ant-Man threequel. It seems like Jeff Loveness is passionate about both the project and Marvel, and I'm very excited to see what he does with it! Give us some more wacky Ant-Man antics!

- I am a huge fan of the Young Avengers. America Chavez is one of my favorite Marvel superheroes, and I have always wanted to see the team make their big-screen debut. I'm also very curious about which writers are being considered for such a project. I really wish I could be in that pitch room, but knowing Marvel, they'll pick the exact right team to helm the Young Avengers.

- This is an incredibly exciting piece of news for me! I love learning about all the different actors considered for roles in films, and I am a huge fan of Jessica Chastain's work. Though she would have shined as Christine Palmer, I am glad she held out for something bigger, because I would love to see the actress as a Marvel superhero some day.