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Andrew is a writer for The Direct who has an immense passion for Star Wars. Currently a college student at the University of Central Florida, he studies Human Communication and dreams of writing and directing a Star Wars trilogy of his own one day. When he’s not lost in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, Andrew can be found cheering on the Tampa Bay Rays and New England Patriots.

Favorite Star Wars Movie: The Empire Strikes Back

This seems to be the obvious choice for so many Star Wars fans, but the film is a cinematic masterpiece from start to finish. It's a darker entry into the saga that tests all of our heroes and forces them to mature, and while the Empire comes out on top, none of the characters truly win. The film is the heart of so many of the messages and themes that the saga looks to convey, one of the most important being belief. The score by John Williams is incredible and does so much of the talking for the movie when the characters don't need to. Revenge of the Sith comes in a pretty close second, but the brilliance of Empire can't be understated.

Favorite Star Wars Character: Darth Vader

Does this choice really need explanation? Darth Vader has so many layers to him, just as vulnerable and fractured as he is cold and commanding. He plays a masterful game of chess in Empire, all culminating in a perfectly calculated checkmate that leaves the heroes with no options. His presence says as much as his words, and he's accompanied by greatest theme a villain has ever been graced by on screen. There was something about his presence when he first entered the Tantive IV that was immediately captivating, and his rise, fall, and redemption in the saga is a brilliant story. And he's just cool.

Why I joined The Direct...

Simply put, I love Star Wars. We live in a time where Star Wars is more prevalent than ever, and I want to be a part of discussing it and keeping my fellow fans up to speed. I pride myself on my writing, and this is a great opportunity to refine my skills while taking a deep dive into something that I love.

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- I'm going with Revenge of the Sith with ease on this one. I love Return of the Jedi. It's an incredible ending to the Lucas story and just feels so good. But Episode III comes up just short to Empire as my favorite Star Wars film. These three films are the ones I grew up watching the most, and the release of III was such a special time for a young kid who loved Darth Vader. Such a powerful film.

- Regardless of my feelings about TROS, there's no way I wouldn't go with Empire. It's my favorite film of all time and, in my opinion, one of the greatest in cinematic history. Lucas and Kershner found a way to make everything so perfect with this movie. I can't quite describe the feeling that I get when I watch this film, but it just feels like home. Plus... Vader.

- This is an awesome write-up. Having Anakin take the place of Han would've been interesting. It feels criminal that Anakin didn't appear in the trilogy and his grandson's infatuation with Vader implies that he never spoke with Ben as a ghost. Having Han works as a nice bit of closure for what Kylo did in Episode VII, but Anakin should've definitely had an appearance at some point in IX.

- It's no mystery that I'll be going with Solo here. I'm happy for anyone that enjoyed IX, but I personally find it to be an atrocious conclusion to the saga. Having just re-watched Return of the Jedi recently, I can't see how TROS has ended things any better or differently.

- While I think The Last Jedi is the better made film, I personally have to go with The Phantom Menace on this one. Some of this may be informed by nostalgia, but I find Episode I's contribution to the overall story to be great, despite some of the executional flaws, and I just can't get behind the majority of the story decisions made in TLJ.

- I'm personally not very familiar with Harold's work, so I'll need to see more before forming an opinion. The production of this project has been a bumpy ride, to say the least, and I'm simply hoping the story is excellent and we can enjoy McGregor's return to the role in good time.

- I'm really not a fan of the execution in the film. It seems like they meant that Rey served as the "Luke" of the trilogy in that she was the main protagonist going through the heroes journey learning the Force. Having her take the Skywalker name just doesn't sit right with me for a multitude of reasons.

- Personally, Terrio's comments don't surprise me. The very choppy editing of the film indicated to me that they were working with a lot of pieces shot under different original contexts.

- It stuns me that this scene wasn't filmed and included in the film - it writes itself. Though the initial part of the scene in the book doesn't sit right with me, the later moments with Chewie's memories are so key to Ben's turn. Really wish this had found it's way on screen.

- It's a bummer that this scene was cut. I'd have personally liked a bit more closure on the thread between Kylo and the Vader mask. I think the film could've benefited greatly from a quiet scene like this for Kylo before he makes his turn.

- I think this a pretty cool little snippet. To this day, we're still seeing Ralph McQuarrie concepts being incorporated into new Star Wars projects, so it's nice to see some of the creatures made for the new films get the same treatment.

- This is a pretty neat set. Though I'm not a Hot Toys collector, this set could easily be an exception. Can't wait to see where the story takes these two in the next season!