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Julia hails from the Greater Toronto Area in Canada and is a news and features writer for the MCU branch of The Direct. She is currently pursuing a degree in Media Studies and in addition to Marvel loves Disney, DC, TV, theater, and more.

Julia Delbel joined The Direct when the website launched in 2020. She is primarily a features writer for the Marvel section of the site, though she has also dabbled in the DC Universe. Besides these, Julia covers other major franchise content, particularly those under the Disney banner.

In addition to writing for The Direct, Julia has contributed to several other entertainment sites; among them Talent Recap, The DisInsider,, and The Mary Sue. She currently is working towards a degree in Media Studies at Trent University and previously graduated from Durham College back in 2016.

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- It seems like they may be planning on filming certain scenes that were supposed to be shot in Czech in Atlanta or another domestic location, since it was previously reported the original plan be finishing up filming there after overseas. Hopefully they have a good idea of how to do things and it's not just thrown together haphazardly.

- I doubt Yelena is actually going to die but I could see Natasha believing she is dead and possibly never finding out the truth...which might end up being just as sad!

- Infinity War works better for me than Endgame. The former feels so tight and so intricately put together as it juggles so many characters while the latter falls apart in some places and has a few aspects that don't really make much sense when you think about them. Consolation points for the amazing Portals scene and final battle, though.

- The Avengers was a big achievement not just for Marvel, but storytelling via film in general. It was a game-changer for sure. But in most cases I would probably pop on Thor: Ragnarok over it, and I think a lot of that comes down to the trend of MCU franchises really finding their footing and just having hit their stride by the third movie (unlike a lot of others which peak at the first then drop.)

- Both these movies have great battle scenes and epic moments. And, of course, both tasked the Russo Brothers with huge challenges. Thinking in that sense, I voted for Civil War since I thought they did a better job with character arcs during the tough task of balancing the opposing viewpoints in Civil War than completing certain characters arc and wrapping up certain loose ends in Endgame.

- For me this is a choice between a movie with very high highs and very low lows or one that's more even in overall quality but without a lot of truly amazing standout moments. I would ultimately give Endgame the edge since its strongest aspects - most notably the score and the final battle scene - aren't just some of the best in the MCU, but all of blockbusterdom in general.

- Captain Marvel may be a solid MCU installment with an adorable kitty cat (and it was a VERY adorable kitty cat) but Spider-Man: Homecoming is such a feel good movie that just puts a big smile on my face every time.

- I really love both of these movies but I think there's a certain charm to Captain America: The First Avenger that hasn't been replicated in any other MCU movie (maybe because of the time period it's set in?) and I still think it's the best of all the origin movies so I had to vote for that one. (It was also the first MCU movie I ever watched in full!)

- I'm very excited for this movie, just please, PLEASE don't let "Homeless" be the title.

- I think it's a good sign that Cate Shortland recognizes how Natasha's character may have been reduced to amp up her sex appeal in the past at the sacrifice of some potential characterization and that she wants to make sure the latter is the focus in her solo film, and am looking forward to hopefully seeing new sides of the character in the movie.

- It always seemed unlikely to me that this movie would deeply connect with any of the other Marvel Studios projects in the near future, especially considering it takes place several years prior to the "present" in the MCU timeline. Still, it's reassuring to have this kind of statement come from a reputable source.